Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food Review: Eureka Baking Company Organic and Vegan Bread

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

Carb queen here to confess I never pass on the opportunity to review (ahem, eat) a good vegan bread! So when the folks at Eureka Baking Company contacted me to review some of their vegan loaves I was very excited! I was especially excited since I go through at least a loaf of bread a week, and that is generally all by myself! I have sandwiches on a daily basis and love toast any time of day, so a loaf doesn't last long.

I received three different loaves from Eureka Baking Company – Seeds the Day, a wheat bread packed with flax, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and poppy seeds, Grainiac, a loaf made with 12 different grains, and Saaa-Wheat!, a wheat bread. All of these breads are organic and certified vegan.

The first thing I noticed about all the loaves was the large size. Eureka Baking Company certainly doesn't skimp on slice size! I could easily fit two Tofurky slices with minimal overlap on these babies! Kudos to EBC for keeping their loaves large and in charge!

Second thing I noticed was the density and texture of the bread. The density was really nice and thick, which is excellent as it prevents condiments or other spreads from leaking through. Biting into the bread, the texture was great! It wasn't too soft (none of that sticking to the palate nonsense) and it wasn't too hard or stale (I don't want to name names, but one particular organic kind of bread I buy always tastes slightly dried out and stale). It had a nice chewy bite to it and was just the perfect consistency. And all three varieties were like this, not just one.

Third, and most important thing was the taste! All three loaves had wonderful flavors! My favorite was Seeds the Day, as I got a slight crunch from the seeds baked into the bread as well as those around the crust. The seeds also added a hearty flavor i really enjoyed. I really like Grainiac and Saaa-Wheat! as well, and all three had really yummy wheat and grain flavors.

Ever since first trying these, I've been hooked! I've made all kinds of sandwiches, grilled cheese (vegan, of course), and toast with all the different flavors and all have been excellent. They really have become my go-to bread and I buy mine at Sprouts. I really can't recommend this bread enough - it is vegan, organic, tastes fresh, and is consistently delicious!

For more info, please visit Eureka Baking Company's site!


  1. where can I buy this bread in Wilmington nc I love it!!!!!

  2. Being a diabetic the first thing I noticed was wow how delicious this bread is. The second thing was I was going into diabetic shock and passing out after each sandwich. The only thing that does that to me is copious amounts of sugar so I looked at the label. Sure enough 2 slices contain 10 grams of cane sugar listed "third" on the ingredients. Further down on the ingredients was molasses (another sugar)!

  3. It's good tasting bread it would be nice if it had less sugar and salt

  4. I decided to buy this read yesterday. I'm not big on store bought bread, but i don't like to bake in the summer. All I can say is wow, this tastes great. Not at all like cardboard. I actually enjoyed it so much I made toast with natural pnb just because I wanted to eat the bread!

  5. I started eating Eureka bread a couple weeks ago in order to switch my diet to hardier and more healthy all-grains. I love this bread. It is just as you described, and it makes the best toast and sandwiches. I find that I go through a loaf in a week too. It is the best bread. I can get it at Walmart now, and compared to some of the other organic versions, it is about a dollar cheaper. Plus, the loaves are large, which I like. In all, it is a great bread.

  6. I just bought the top seed bread from eureka, being a type 1 diabetic I am always concerned about sugar crashes. I found it a little sweet but upon reading the label this bread only has 3gm of sugar which as far as bread goes is pretty good

  7. I am vegan and have been purchasing the Eureka Organic Graniac bread and do love it. Today I noticed that the bread didn't have the certified vegan symbol on the package. I checked the website. It still says "Certified Vegan". I chatted with a representative who says that due to the "Complexity of the vegan certification process" they were no longer certified vegan. Not happy about that. The website does not reflect any change, false advertising in my opinion. Makes me question the company although, she said the ingredients and process have remained the same. If you are not vegan this won't be an issue to you, but I am and I don't like being misled.

  8. Way too much sugar. Equivelant to a whole sugar packet in each slice! Not needed.


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