Monday, May 23, 2016

Vegan Donuts at Vegan Pizza in Garden Grove, CA

This past week, Vegan Pizza (located in the Anaheim-Orange-Garden Grove area), started making their own vegan donuts!!! There are already so many vegan donut options in Orange County (The Donuttery, Donut Bar [now Crafted Donuts], Cafecito OrganicoPoqet Donuts, etc.), but you can NEVER have too many vegan donuts, that's just a fact! So of course I was ecstatic to check out their brand new spankin' donut selection!

Vegan Pizza's new vegan donuts and their incredible Thai iced tea!

I arrived just when they opened this past Saturday morning, and they had only three flavors ready. Obviously, I had to try all three, so I got a vanilla frosted, chocolate frosted topped with slivered almonds, and maple frosted topped with walnut pieces. They are adorably small cake donuts, and taste sooooo good! They aren't oily, aren't dry, but have a fantastic just-moist-enough consistency. The flavors are spot-on as well!

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Need this jelly-filled donut in my life! Hope they have some next time I go!

When I went only three flavors were available, but they usually have more, including donuts with sprinkles and in different flavors, apple fritters, jelly-filled donuts, and more! I can't wait to go back and try all their other flavors! And it's so awesome I have a one-stop shop to go get donuts, pizza, and other amazingly delicious vegan junk food here in Orange County!

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Look at all the lovely vegan donuts! Bearclaws, apple fritters, sprinkled, glazed, long johns, etc.!

You can find more info on these vegan donuts and all the other delicious food Vegan Pizza offers on the Vegan Pizza website or their Instagram

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