Thursday, August 24, 2017

Halloween 2017 at JoAnn Fabrics

Halloween 2017 at JoAnn Fabrics 

I went to JoAnn Fabrics last month, but didn't find a whole lot. I went back last weekend and still didn't find a whole lot, but a lot of stuff was on sale for 40% off, so you can't beat that! Their Halloween aisles were kinda empty, and that had me wondering if they had more stock coming or if this was gonna be it this year.

Either way, there wasn't much that stood out to me in their Halloween collection, besides their socks! I am a Halloween kitchen towel hoarder, but I'm probably worse with Halloween socks. They are just irresistible, even though I don't wear socks on a regular basis (unless it is winter) and I already have a big drawer full just bursting with orange and black and purple and green socks. None of that matters, once I see Halloween socks all reason leaves me and I have to buy at least a few every season.

Anyways, I ended up with some socks and a few other small items. Check out what else other Halloween items I saw at JoAnn's below:

My beloved Halloween socks!

 Loved this really long "Stay For a Bite" pillow!

 Some pretty cute kitchen towels, though this time I resisted buying any!

 Halloween lights

 Paint your own ceramic sugar skulls, skeletons, Frankenstein monsters, etc.

 Really adorable trick or treat bags

 Spooky haunted houses

 Wooden decor and signs you can paint yourself

 Chalkboard signs

 Hi skellies!

 Love these vultures!

And of course they had all their boo-tiful Halloween fabrics out, too! I wish I knew how to sew so I could make cool pajamas or pillow covers or a cute skirt! Anyways, check out a tiny sample of their Halloween fabric selection:

And here are the items I ended up buying from JoAnn's:

 Trick or treat bags and socks!

Pumpkin lights, a Spooky Street sign, jack-o-lantern tissues, and spooky socks!

What are your favorite Halloween items at JoAnn Fabrics this year?

Stay spooky!


  1. Are you me? Haha, I went to Joann's for some yarn the other day and got sucked into their Halloween section. I bought those socks with the bats and the stars on them as well, and also one other pair of socks and a dish towel. I wanted to buy more but eh, limited budgets and all. I needed the rest of my money for yarn. Your Joann's has a slightly better selection than the one I saw. I do hope they are planning on stocking more.

  2. The black hand towel with the gold skulls came home with me! And I must have missed the sock section altogether, boooo!

  3. Haha, I also got a pair of socks from JoAnn! The cat-scratch ones. :-)

    Lisa- apparently the socks are where it's at! Join the club, LOL!


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