Thursday, August 30, 2018

Halloween 2018 at Pier 1

I strolled into Pier 1 about a week and a half ago to finally seek out their Halloween goodies. While Pier 1 isn't exactly my style and usually features too much cutesy Halloween decor covered in glitter, there were still a few things I saw on their website that I wanted to check out in person.

As soon as I entered the store I made a beeline for the orange and black section. They had all kinds of autumn tableware, foliage, room sprays, and more, but I was most excited for the actual Halloween items. I'll be sharing what I found at Pier 1 below:

Cute lil' ghostie and Hocus Pocus I Need Candy to Focus canister

 The Boo pumpkins and black cat sitting on a pumpkin are so purr-fect!

 This "The Scream"-inspired print was incredible! The frame was gorgeous,
too, and it was only $19.99!

 Love the skeleton candy holder on the left! And though the haunted house
diorama in the middle has glitter on it, it was still really pretty.

 Love this fanged pumpkin!

 Carnival game-inspired decor!

 Iridescent skull tumblers, witchy wine glasses, witches brew cauldron 
decor, and I Put a Spell on You sign

 The blue and silver Halloween decor was interesting - I can't decide if I like
this color scheme for Halloween or not. Very celestial or aquatic-themed.

Bejeweled skulls 

 I'm kinda loving the yoga skellies this year - this one even looks like it could
hold something, like a bottle of wine maybe?

 Seriously tempted to get eerie artwork! Like the other one, the frame is
really nice and hefty. I wish I had more wall space!

 How adorable is this witch jar?! I love her!

 This spooky melamine plate caught me in its web and I had to have it!

And this Trick or Treat platter was too creepy-cute to pass up!

Halloween happiness at Pier 1

Have you been to Pier 1 and did you buy anything? What are your favorite pieces from the ones shown above?

You can shop these items online at Pier 1!

Until next time, stay spooky, creeps!

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  1. I got that rectangular ToT platter too!! Great minds think alike ^_~


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