Friday, February 22, 2019

10 Things I'm Loving This February

Hello darlings! I hope you are having a spectacular February! Valentine's Day is behind us (did you see my goth love songs playlist, spooky love decor ideas, creepy cards, and ghoulish gift guide posts?) and hopefully you've all been celebrating Black History Month and Women in Horror Month! As for me, I've been watching a new horror documentary, listening to gloomy tunes, reading a thrilling book, eating delicious vegan sweets, and more. As I've been doing on a monthly basis with these "ten things" posts, I'm sharing with you 10 items I'm loving this month, which encourages me to be grateful for the little (and big) things while also passing along cool things for you to check out. See the 10 Things I'm Loving This February below:

One of the highlights of my month was watching the Horror Noire 
documentary on Shudder!

1.) Horror Noire on Shudder - Shudder's new documentary (based on Robin R Means Coleman's book) is an eye-opening and very necessary discussion about how black people were historically portrayed in horror films as well as how they are being portrayed now and proves that representation matters. At times a hard watch due to some portrayals of black people in film, but ultimately listening to voices like author/screenwriter/producer Tananarive Due, writer/producer Ashlee Blackwell (best known for her stellar horror site, Graveyard Shift Sisters), director Rusty Cundieff (in horror circles best known for Tales from the Hood), actors Ken Foree, Loretta Devine, and Tony Todd, filmmaker Meosha Bean, writer/director Jordan Peele (Get Out) and many more and hearing about their experiences with race in horror films is eye-opening and really interesting. I loved this documentary and think it is so important for all horror fans to see it. PLUS, Shudder also added many films discussed in the documentary, including Bones, Tales from the Hood, The People Under the Stairs, Ganja and Hess, which I have been enjoying re-watching.

2.) Vegan Horror Society - This UK-based brand makes killer apparel for vegan horror fans! They just launched, and I am loving their offerings so far, which include Vegan Horror Society (VHS for short, which is so perfect!) hoodies and t-shirts, as well as shirts emblazoned with "Love Horror, Hate Animal Cruelty," "Dario Argento Rules," and "Vegan of the Living Dead." I can't wait to wear my new tees from them! Follow them on Instagram to be the first to see new designs, and check out all their available designs on their website!

Nom, nom, nom, new NadaMoo! flavors I got this month!

3.) New NadaMoo! Vegan Ice Cream Flavors - NadaMoo! is one of my favorite companies making vegan ice cream, so every time they release a new flavor I get so stoked! This month they released three new flavors: Marshmallow Stardust, Peach Cobbler, and Banana Caramel Crunch! I was able to get my hands on two of the flavors at my local Sprouts store - Marshmallow Stardust and Banana Caramel Crunch! I've tried the banana flavor already and LOVE it so much! Can't wait to dig into the magical-looking Marshmallow Stardust and get my claws on their Peach Cobbler flavor.

4.) Going West True Crime Podcast - This is a new podcast I was introduced to by its creators via their Instagram, and from the first episode I was hooked! They just launched in December, but their episodes are well-researched, professionally presented, and the two hosts really draw you in to their discussions of some shocking true crimes (most of which I hadn't heard of and were new-to-me!). You can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, etc. - find out more about them on their site!

5.) Oregano Oil - At the beginning of the month I came down with the flu, which was awful, but I heard taking oregano oil capsules could boost your immune system and shorten the length of the sickness. As soon as I started to feel icky, I started taking oregano oil capsules and took them once a day while I was sick. I was only sick about 4 days, versus the full week that Mister Spooky was sick, so I say the oregano oil really did work! I used Nature's Way Oregano Oil (which are vegan) - sometimes they cause an upset stomach, so I always take them with a vegan probiotic (I use Deva Nutrition Vegan Probiotic Capsules) with a meal.

6.) Dahlia's Tear - This dark ambient music from Sweden is described in the Spotify bio as being "...filled with an all-overshadowing darkness and a wind made of despair wafting through the gloomy soundscapes Dahlia's Tear sound is painting." And I am here for that! Their discography was the perfect, epic background to a gloriously gloomy and rainy February.

7.) Apricot Bloom perfume by Good Chemistry - I picked up this vegan and cruelty-free perfume from Target last year, but only started wearing it recently after realizing how much I love it! It has fragrance notes of apricot, neroli and amber to create a warm floral scent. Now, I never considered myself a fan of florals, but I guess things change! I cannot stop sniffing myself after spritzing it all over - it smells fresh, a tiny bit fruity, and good enough to eat! You can find this brand (who has lots of other scents I'm dying to try) at Target!

Channel Zero: The Dream Door with bonus Cinnaholic cinnamon bun 
(yup, the cinnamon bun is all vegan, including the heart sprinkles!).

8.) Channel Zero's Season 4: The Dream Door - Channel Zero is one of the best horror series I've ever seen - each season managed to crawl under my skin and make me squirm. I was devastated when I heard that SyFy cancelled the series, and I'm still upset about it. This month, the latest season was released on DVD and I finally got to watch it. Again, I was blown away by the creepiness the series exudes, especially since each season has a completely new story and characters it tackles. The stories are all unique and manage to cover different cultural/societal issues and have a refreshing take on horror tropes, all the while creating wholly new and terrifying monsters. If you haven't started watching Channel Zero, do yourself a favor and pick up all the seasons (available on DVD on Amazon - Season 1: Candle Cove | Season 2: No-End House | Season 3: Butcher's Block | Season 4: The Dream Door) or watch it on Shudder.

My Girl Scout vegan cookie haul from this month!

9.) Vegan Girl Scout Cookies - Nom nom nom! I look forward to this time every year since I know Girl Scouts will be slinging their irresistible cookies! It is important to note that the Girl Scouts use two bakeries to make their cookies, and each county troop usually picks one bakery supplier to get their cookies from. Both bakeries make vegan Thin Mints, but only ABC Bakery makes other varieties of vegan cookies. I am lucky to live in an area where the Girl Scout troop uses ABC Bakery, so I chowed down on Lemonades, Peanut Butter Patties, Thanks-a-Lot, Smore's, as well as Thin Mints.

10.) The Outsider by Stephen King - How does Stephen King do it and keep releasing these fantastic horror stories? It boggles my mind that he is consistently releasing quality content like The Outsider (available on Amazon), but I am so grateful he keeps releasing incredible horror. I finally read this Stephen King novel that was released last year, and I could not put it down! It starts off as a crime novel with a brutal child murder, but it eventually explores supernatural territory. I really dug this book, it was uncomfortable, terrifying, and my brain kept trying to solve the mystery and I was so intrigued where it finally went. It is even set in the same universe as the Mr. Mercedes book and subsequent books about Bill Hodges (including Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, End of Watch) and features a prominent character from those books, much to my delight.

What have you been loving this February?

Stay spooky, my creeps!

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