Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Halloween 2014 at TPT Home

This black cat was totally creepy cute!

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

TPT Home is a home decor store located in Costa Mesa, CA that usually has a great selection of Halloween d├ęcor, tableware, artwork and more this time of year! They recently moved to a smaller location (just a building over, they are still located by the SoCo Collection), and unfortunately their Halloween section has also shrunk.

They still have some neat items, but the selection is much more limited than it was in past years (and lots of it seems to be coated in glitter...yuck).

You can check out the photos I took of their Halloween offerings below:

Cute signs, and they weren't glittery!

Pumpkins and owls - yes, they were glittery!

The paintings you see here actually lit up and were 
rad! They had a pumpkin one (the one hanging on the top), 
a witch flying over a pumpkin patch (the one in the middle),
and a haunted house one (not pictured). They were only $20, 
so they were affordable as well!

Spiders and black cats attack!

Creepy witch/bat thingee holding court over the 
Halloween display.

Witch panel shown hanging up was pretty cheap at $9.

Mostly ghostly.

Another neat display - love the Moroccan lamps and
big candleabra!

My favorite items this year - the spooky glassware 
and tableware! 

More boo-tiful storage jars and tableware.

Here are the plates I ended up with - skulls and bats!

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