Friday, August 8, 2014

ScareLA Halloween Convention Spooks Up Some Fun this Weekend

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

ScareLA, a Halloween/horror convention, returns for its second year this weekend on August 9th and 10th, 2014! It has the hallowed honor to be the first Los Angeles convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween.

The event attracts tons of haunt industry professionals, haunt enthusiasts as well as Halloween and horror fans! The event boasts top attraction designers and operators, manufacturers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and much, much more.

According to the ScareLA site, you can look forward to the following if you go this weekend:

  • Curated collection of exhibitors showcasing scary goods, services and job opportunities
  • Expert and celebrity panels on the haunt business, horror entertainment and more
  • Presentations of top and upcoming local haunts with sneak peaks and unveils
  • Performances by local horror themed theatre companies and musicians
  • Professional demos of makeup, set building, costume creation, animatronics and more
  • Hands-on workshops taught by top haunt industry professionals for all skill levels and ages
  • Onsite  interactive experiences
  • Screening room showing premier attraction walk-throughs and local horror filmmakers
  • Games, roaming monsters and more!

How spooktacular is this poster by Ben Von Strawn?! 
I believe a limited amount will be for sale at ScareLA!

I heard this event was a blast last year, so I hope you go and experience the Halloween spirit at ScareLA this year! 

For ticket prices, a full exhibitor list, schedule and more info, please visit ScareLA's site!

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