Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Restaurant Review: Amy's Drive Thru in Rohnert Park, CA

Vegan milkshake, burger and fries at Amy's Drive Thru!

I was recently up north in Napa Valley for my little sister's wedding, and was absolutely delighted that I had time to pop over the hill to check out Amy's Drive Thru in Rohnert Park in Sonoma County. You may recognize the Amy's Kitchen brand from the frozen/convenience meals they make, of which many are vegan. I love Amy's vegan meals (two of my faves are their Vegan Margherita Pizza and their Dairy Free Rice Mac and Cheeze), and was so excited about their new restaurant, even if it is about 500 miles away from me. I missed the opening by about a month the last time I was up north (they opened in July 2015, I was there in June), so I was SO HAPPY that I finally got to go this October.

 Amy's Drive Thru in Rohnert Park, CA - look at their cute eco-roof 
that is planted with grass!

Amy's Drive Thru is a vegetarian fast food restaurant that focuses on organic, sustainable, non-GMO, and locally-sourced food. Everything on the menu can be made vegan or has vegan equivalents and they also feature many gluten-free options. They have burgers, fries, milkshakes, pizzas, burritos, and more! I was drooling all over their menu items before I even got there.

It is right off the freeway, and very easy to spot - they have a cool eco-roof covered in grass and plants, plus a large water tower emblazoned with the Amy's name. They have a drive thru (as you may have guessed from their name), but we decided to park in their ample parking lot and dine inside the restaurant. The inside was spacious, bright and clean - I really liked the look of the inside, which featured gorgeous exposed beams and accents of turquoise and yellow (their logo colors).

 Interior seating section at Amy's - they also have a really large outside patio with lots of tables!

Ordering counter at Amy's - all the employees were so helpful, welcoming, and friendly!

I ordered their single organic burger (specify vegan when ordering) which is a single veggie patty, double cheese (I believe they use Field Roast Chao for their vegan version!), lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Fred Sr.'s Secret Sauce on a bun (cost: $2.99), Amy's Fries (cost: $2.49), their Tomato and Green Onion mac 'n' cheese with bread crumbs (specify vegan when ordering; cost: $4.89), and a non-dairy (vegan) strawberry milkshake (cost: $3.99).

The menu - swoon! Everything can be made vegan! 

Even their packaging is adorable and all my vegan items were clearly marked 
"vegan" on them. Another cool thing is that their packaging is eco-friendly, 
made from recycled materials, and is recycled after using! 
They have recycle bins clearly marked throughout the restaurant. 
Even their straws are paper and not plastic! 

First off, I was so stoked on being able to order a milkshake again!!! And, holy cow, was it ever amazing! It exceeded all expectations and was so fruity, fresh and creamy. My only regret is not ordering their other milkshake flavors, chocolate and vanilla, so I could have tried them all.

 Dat mac and cheese! 

Secondly, the burger was seriously on point. It was so fricking good and filling! It reminded me of the In n Out burgers I got in my pre-vegan days, only a million times better! The fries were the perfect accompaniment, crispy, salty and delicious! The only thing I was kinda let down on was the mac and cheese, but this is partially my fault since I didn't eat it right away and by the time I ate it it was kind of a gummy mess. I'm sure if I would have eaten it when it was first served it would have been awesome, since I love their frozen vegan mac and cheese entrees.

Chili cheese fries, veganized, were on point!

My sister ordered the chili cheese fries (specify vegan when ordering; cost: $3.49), so of course I had to try those as well! She isn't vegan, but she loved the vegan chili cheese fries and the vegetarian burrito bowl she ordered. My sister's BFF and bridesmaid drove us there (thank you from the bottom of my heart!) and she isn't a veggie, but she was very enthusiastic about trying Amy's. She ordered the vegetarian burger and loved it! Both of these omnivores are already looking forward to their next visit to Amy's (and they live close enough where they can go whenever they want - I'm only slightly jealous!). As for me, I'm definitely making Amy's one of my must-stop destinations when I am back up north!

For more info, check out the Amy's Drive Thru website!


  1. boyfriend thought this was in S.CA - i informed him that it is in N.CA and now he wants to go!

    1. YES! You guys NEED to go! Make a day trip out of it and try to go into Napa Valley and check out the historical cemeteries of Calistoga and St. Helena! Also, Sebastopol has an all-vegan tea room called Muir Tea Room I've been dying to check out! You should go - it's not too far from Amy's!


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