Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooky Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

I have been listening to Halloween music pretty much non-stop since, oh, about May or June! It's really a year-round thing for me, and when it comes to Halloween music I have pretty eclectic taste - I listen to everything from Halloween jingles of yesteryear to old-timey blues songs to Halloween classics to freak folk to indie to goth to industrial and beyond. This year I listened to more dark indie stuff, coupled with some old favorites mainly from goth or alternative subgenres.

I always love checking out other people's recommendations for Halloween songs or songs that invoke a spooky spirit, so I thought I would share some of my own picks for my Halloween playlist this year. The songs below have been on heavy rotation this year, and there are some new ones mixed in with some old favorites! I also have curated several Halloween playlists over at 8tracks if you are looking for more!

"Gorey Demise" by Creature Feature - I've loved this track for so long, and its homage to Edward Gorey and death seem quite fitting for Halloween. Plus, it's insanely fun!

"Children of the Night" by Blutengel - This dance-y goth track will have you raising your goblets to fellow children of the night.

"My Body's a Zombie for You" by Dead Man's Bones - Seriously, I cannot get enough of Dead Man's Bones and I never tire of their album, though I've been listening to it for years! I'm no Ryan Gosling fan-girl, but it's just SO GOOD! This song is one of my favorites and always gets stuck in my head.

"ten thirty one" by the ghost in you - This mellow, nostalgic tune is a new favorite! It simultaneously warms the heart while also making one so wistful of Halloweens past. Plus, the video for it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Every Halloween fan needs to add this to their autumn playlist.

"They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Neuroticfish - Because what's Halloween without a little insanity?! I mean if it's not the bratty kids who go trick or treating without costumes it's the annoying neighbors who are putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over. We all go a little mad sometimes...

"Every Day is Halloween" (Ministry Cover) by Endless Sunder - I love Ministry's original version, but this is a damn fine cover of a damn fine song. Everyday IS Halloween for some of us!

"Bad Ritual" by Timber Timbre - I love the folky, bluesy sound of this song, which has an ominous tone that still manages to be fun, and isn't that mix of fear and fun what makes Halloween so great after all?

"Mer" by Chelsea Wolfe - Chelsea Wolfe's vocal are haunting and I could add countless songs of hers to this list, but I choose "Mer" for its undulating beat and witchy video imagery.

"The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen - One of my favorites, I just had to include it!

"Bad Moon Rising" by Mourning Ritual ft. Peter Dreimanis - The original can get on my nerves after more than one spin, but this dark and brooding version has got me listening to it on repeat!

"Spellbound" by Siouxsie and the Banshees - Another classic I couldn't resist recommending! This should be on everyone's Halloween (and regular) playlist forever and ever!

"Halloween" (Misfits cover) by Alkaline Trio - I absolutely love this spooky, stripped down version of the Misfits classic, and it's dark feel is the perfect track to close out the Halloween playlist.

You can find more playlists from previous years here!

Now it's your turn - what songs are on your Halloween playlist this year?

Stay spooky and Happy Halloween Eve!

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  1. Love the Trio - wouldn't be a Halloween playlist unless you included at least one of their songs


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