Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mini Vegan Food Crawl through LA

Despite being stuffed at Eat Drink Vegan fest (read about that HERE!) a few Saturdays ago, I was ready to eat all the vegan food all over again when I awoke from my food coma that Sunday morning. Naturally, my friends and I decided to do a mini food crawl of vegan spots in Los Angeles, which was pretty much the best and most delicious idea ever! Below you'll find pics of our vegan adventure, which included stops at Donut Friend, Mohawk Bend, Little Pine, as well as the vegan shop Moo Shoes!

Our first stop was Donut Friend, because even though I had eaten their delicious donuts at Eat Drink Vegan, you can never have enough Donut Friend! We grabbed the Jets to Basil (my personal favorite), Drive Like Jelly, and Rites of Sprinkles (as well as a kombucha for me to assist with digestion).

I even got to see Mister Uncertain's artwork in the wild on the sidewalk in front of Donut Friend! If you aren't already, give him a follow on Instagram! Dairy is indeed scary.

Next we visited Moo Shoes, an all-vegan retail store that not only carries shoes, but also purses, bags, accessories, t-shirts, and more! They have the most adorable shop cat, so while the friends were trying on shoes I spend some quality time with the cute kitty! I also loved their wallpaper and artwork hanging on the walls, and their shoe collection was pretty darn amazing!

It was a hot day and already in the 100s by midday, so we popped over to Mohawk Bend for some brews and noms. The three of us sat at the bar, and enjoyed the AC while sipping on drinks. I got a cactus pear, Thai basil, and watermelon cider from Cactus Red. It was delightful.

Of course, we couldn't go to Mohawk Bend and not get food, so we ordered their divine baked potato pizza and their hearts of palm "crabcakes." I could eat that baked potato pizza all day long for the rest of my life! It is absolute perfection!

To close out our spectacular food crawl, we ended up at Little Pine. We had reservations for a late brunch since we couldn't get in earlier in the morning, but it worked out rather well, especially since we were able to hit so many places beforehand! We ordered a croissant to nibble on before our main courses came out - wow, it was heavenly, especially with their swoon-worthy jam! I also ordered an iced vanilla latte (not pictured), which was a perfect way to both cool down and get a jolt of energy.

I ordered the lemon poppyseed pancakes, which were incredibly light and fluffy. I loved the whipped topping (I think it was a coconut whip?) which gave the dish an even more airy feel. It was a perfect summer dish.

The others ordered the grilled cheese (superb, especially with that terrific tomato soup!) and the breakfast sandwich (I didn't try it, but it looked great). Little Pine is always a phenomenal experience!

And so, with our hearts and bellies full, we headed home after a immensely successful weekend of stuffing ourselves silly with vegan food!

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  1. Drooling..... I have a few pairs of kicks from Moo, love that stylish and cruelty free is an option! That pizza, is it like mashed potatoes on there??


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