Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Food Review: The Curious Confectionery Popcorn Balls

The Curious Confectionery creates handcrafted artisan popcorn balls to tickle your tastebuds and satisfy your sweet tooth. All of their creations are crafted without animal products and made with incredible ingredients. The company was started by its founder when she realized there was no tasty treat that was both sweet, crunchy and salty. That's when she realized that old-fashioned popcorn balls were what she craved! She started making these for her friends, who urged her to start selling them. Thus, The Curious Confectionery was born!

I love popcorn balls and sometimes I'll make them around Halloween, but it is wonderful that there is a company making these vintage treats in drool-worthy flavors like Smoked Salted Caramel, Maple Pecan, Toasted Coconut, and various seasonal flavors. I was lucky enough to receive a 4-pack of The Curious Confectionery's Hummingbird popcorn balls for review.

Hummingbird is a Southern-inspired popcorn ball that contains pineapple, pecans, bananas, coconut, and lots of spices. When I tried one of the popcorn balls, it was light and airy, spun with delicate threads of sugar, studded with dried fruit and nuts, with flavors of vanilla and cinnamon rounding out the delectable treat. The flavor was very unique and I really liked the sweetness paired with the light cinnamon taste, as well as the salty crunch of the popcorn. The popcorn balls were so good and seriously addicting!

The popcorn balls came in a four pack, with each popcorn ball being a very generous size, about the size of a baseball. They are all handcrafted from natural ingredients and taste terrific. I can't wait to try other flavors of The Curious Confectionery's popcorn balls!

Besides treating yourself to these delicious desserts, these would make an awesome gift, especially for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions or even for a just-because gift. These would also be amazing for weddings (I believe they do special orders where you can even customize your own flavor) or parties.

You can browse all the different selections of peculiar popcorn balls and purchase your own for happy munching on The Curious Confectionery's website! Psssssst - keep your eyes peeled for fantastical new seasonal flavors, coming soon for autumn and the Halloween season!

Until next time, stay spooky!

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