Monday, August 27, 2018

Halloween 2018 at Target's Dollar Spot

I have been checking Target almost religiously to see if they have Halloween stuff in their Dollar Spot (aka Bullseye's Playground), and I got lucky this past weekend and found some goodies! Not everything was out yet, and they just had a sprinkling of items, but it was still incredibly exciting to see orange and black at Target! 

I wanted to share what I spotted so far, check out my Target Dollar Spot finds below:

 Adorable pillows

 Eeeeek, what a boo-tiful sight!! And look at that pumpkin neon light on the
right! They should have other shapes as well (bats, ghosts) and each is only

 Pie plates

 Travel mugs and a sippy cup

 Cute little apron

 Jack-o-lantern bucket

 Fake succulents in pumpkin planters

These little wood blocks were tiny and cute

 Love the print on this mini bucket!

 More wood block decor

 I liked this sign BUT it was covered in glitter, so hard pass

 Now this wooden sign is more like it! And it was double-sided, this was
the front...

 ...and this was the back! Love it!

 Itty bitty tombstones and yummy-smelling candles in cauldrons

 I like the design on this sign as well, the back says "out of candy"

 A witchy, metallic sign to count down the days 'til the witching hour

 Creepy koozies!

 Home Sweet Haunted Home

 More sippy cups in different designs

 Kitchen towels

 Fierce feline Halloween sign and a ceramic stack of spellbooks

 Votive holders - they all have flameless candles inside them that light up
(yes, including the witch's hat!)

 Light up Halloween necklaces

 Starry cauldron

 Ceramic coffin box

 Ugh, why do these otherwise cute signs have to be covered in glitter?! Ick

 "Things I'm Dying to Do" - this notepad is perfect!!

 More little wooden decor signs - I wanted the Hocus Pocus one, but it is also
covered in glitter so I had to pass...I know I'm a grump about glitter, but, ugh,
it is just the worst!

 Trick or treat sign and woven pumpkins

 Tee hee, I love these autumn wood signs

 They also had a colorful Dia de Los Muertos section

 Skeleton hair clips

 Mini pumpkins

 Loved this autumn signage

 Spooky notebooks! These are pretty small, but really cute

 Fabric buckets

 Really loved this piece!

 And this one!

 They had these amazing cutting boards/trivets! And they were only $3!!

 Creepy cute plates!

I bought one of the little neon pumpkin lights - how cute is it?!

Ummm they also had Halloween Oreos!!! 

Does your Dollar Spot/Bullseye's Playground at Target have Halloween stuff yet? Hopefully all Target stores will have their dollar section stocked with Halloween after Labor Day!

Until next time, stay spooky!


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