Thursday, August 2, 2018

Halloween 2018 at Michaels

It has finally arrived, Michaels has released their Halloween 2018 collection! I visited mine earlier this week and was thrilled to see orange and black bedecking the aisles, pumpkin faces peeking out from shelves, and gorgeously gothic decor on every nook and cranny.

This year, Michaels has rolled out so many new items (with more on the way). One collection prominently features orange, black, and witches. It corresponds boo-tifully to Hocus Pocus' 25th anniversary! Another collection is heavy on the gothic feel and perfect for picking up spooky home decor that you can enjoy year-round.

You can check out everything I found at my recent visit below (and check out their autumn collection here):

 Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!!

 Such a happy sight!

 These vintage-inspired containers are so on-point!

 Love all the Hocus Pocus-inspired decor this year!

 The pumpkin lady on the right looks just like me when I come home after a
Halloween shopping trip - the look of concern on the gentleman pumpkin
mirrors Mister Spooky's face after I return home from Halloween shopping,

 More incredible vintage-inspired bottles!

 More Hocus Pocus and witchy decor

 Look at that gorgeous orange and black color palette! Swoon!

 The dreaded bright, glittery decor - at least it is contained in the corner!

 Look at all that breathtaking gothic decor! This isn't just Halloween decor,
this is year-round decor!

 Love these!

Love the vintage Victorian look of many of these items!

 I'm usually not one for florals, but these dark florals are incredible!

 Swoon - the gothic decor is to-die-for!

 You can never have too many long as you don't keep them
in the closet

Love that black and white wreath - kinda reminds me of Beetlejuice

Eeeek, bulldogs are adorable even as skeletons!

Ceramic pumpkins

I love ghosties

 Ghosties and jack-o-lanterns and Frankenstein monsters, oh my!

 Halloween accessories for wreaths and foliage arrangements


How we all look daydreaming about Halloween!

So many spellbinding witchy items!

 Black cat pillows - so cute (FYI - I didn't check if these were free of animal
products, so make sure to check the label if you decide to buy to avoid
buying wool or other animal products!)

 Me entering zen mode now that Halloween is finally here

 Skeleton coffin box and light-up skeleton light

 They brought the bat candle pillars back - I got some last year and
they are gorgeous!

 Really loving the dramatic, lush colors of this foliage

 Look how adorable those hanging bats are!!

 Swooning hard over this gorgeous ladies and mirror! They would look
perfect in a moonlit garden.

 Welcome to Spooky Town

 Eeeeeek so much good stuff in the Lemax Spooky Town collection this year!

 Squash Shack and Wasteland Pub - I want to live in this neighborhood!

 This Symphony of Screams was incredible!

I love carousels and Halloween, so this Eerie-Go-Round was my fave
of this year's Spooky Town display!

That is just the start of Michaels' Halloween items - soon they will have even more! I'm already impressed by the quality and design of the Halloween items. The gothic aesthetic is something I'm all over, so I'm excited to see Michaels embrace it! It will be hard to stay in budget with all the gorgeous goodies they have for Halloween, but I'm hoping to put their coupons to good use this season (protip: download their app or check their website for coupons before you visit the store!). 

What are your favorite items from Michaels' Halloween collection this year? Do you have any must-haves on your wish list? Let me know!

Stay spooky, Halloweenies!


  1. Gosh, so amazing, I'm jealous. Here in Norway we don't get halloween stuff until a couple of weeks before, and if you're lucky there's more than a few small shelves...

  2. Ours didn't have the Palmistry Hands... boo hoo!


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