Saturday, August 4, 2018

Halloween 2018 at HomeGoods

When I went Halloween hunting earlier this week, I did not expect to find anything at my local HomeGoods store, but I was pleasantly shocked to find an aisle full of Halloween items already out! I went back yesterday, and they had put a bit more on shelves (though it was still contained to just one aisle). I'm sure by this time next week they will have even more Halloween products on shelves, and I'm so excited, especially after what I saw they already had! By the looks of it, it is going to be a good Halloween year at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx. There were a few old items from previous years, but for the most part many of the items seemed to be new designs. You can take a look at what I found at HomeGoods this week below:

Yay, Halloween at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx has arrived! 

 Loving those pumpkin and cat candy holders! They are so big and so cute!

 Ok, DREAM HOME!! Ghost turrets and a pumpkin door?! Can someone 
draw up the blueprints for this house, please?!

'til death...and beyond

 This is what happiness looks like!

 Not too much tableware yet - mostly styles from last year, too.

 I still love these little guys, and I don't think I saw the Dia de Los Muertos 
skull last year.

 Lots of pumpkins and autumn decor in the checkout line!

 On my second trip to HomeGoods this week, I spotted these really neat
cauldrons - I think they are ceramic (they were pretty hefty) and they
were gorgeous. I almost bought one, but didn't (am I gonna regret that? 
Probably, but I don't have room for one of these at the moment!).

 The stuffed warlocks were funny! Loads more stuff on shelves this time...

 This little lady was so lovely!

 Nifty little bobble-head dude.

 They had snowglobes galore in so many different styles and shapes!

 Just look how much more filled the shelves are! What a difference a few
days made! I can't wait until they put EVERYTHING out!

 The large-sized Headless Horseman is back!

 The masquerade lady busts are back - I really like them but wish the mask
wasn't glittery. Glitter ruins everything!

I don't really drink, but these were cute! Boo!

 And these are the shelves by the checkout on my second trip - many new
additions! I kinda wish I had snagged that zen skeleton.

How adorable is this little pumpkin head?!

Here are my first purchases from HomeGoods - two light up jack-o-lanterns,
one dapper pumpkinhead and another gentlemanly skeleton, plus that
sweet little vintage-looking pumpkinhead! I love them!!

Have you been to your HomeGoods yet and, if so, have you found anything good on your Halloween hunt? What are you most looking forward to at HomeGoods this year?

Stay spooky!


  1. Me after every picture and comment: *nods in agreement. Right?! :)

  2. Loving those cauldrons. Hoping they come to HomeSense!

  3. i found a great frankenstein's monster bust but cannot find his bride!

  4. Hello ! Thank you for contest and amazing finds !!!

  5. Hi! What part of the country is this? My stores have nothing.

  6. UGH. The glitter. I'm right there with you!! Half the time I think "Can I scrape this off or paint over it!?"

  7. Hi! Do you know what brand the little ghost turret with pumpkin door is? Or what it’s called? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere!

  8. Hi! Do you know what brand or the name of the ghost turret and pumpkin door decoration? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere because it never showed up at my HomeGoods!


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