Friday, August 3, 2018

Halloween 2018 at Big Lots

I stopped into Big Lots earlier this week to take a peek to see if their Halloween items had hit shelves yet. I wasn't expecting to find anything, but as I rounded the corner I was delighted to see a wall full of skeletons, gothic decor, animated props, and more! This year, they've brought back some of their popular animated home decor items, like the haunted TV and radio (with a few new tweaks). They also have some neat new skeletons and some wicked gothic decor. 

They are expecting more Halloween stuff, but I'm so happy they are already putting some out! See what I found at Big Lots below:

 This is Halloween, this is Halloween...

 These were pretty icky/awesome!

 Home Sweet Haunted Home sign is boo-tiful! And they brought back the
haunted projection camera!

 These haunted books are really neat - they are motion activated and move!
These would be perfect on your Halloween bookshelf to startle guests.

 Love these old timey radios - you spin the dial and a new song plays while
a lit up skull bobs its head inside the radio. I got one of these for myself!

This frame houses a wise-cracking clown...and is actually pretty cool!
The frame looks good, and the clown lights up when activated.

 These haunted lights flicker and emit screams and look really cool!

 Haunted TV! They brought this one back and it now flickers different scenes
and makes noise when you turn the knob.

 Um, how cool is this dragon skeleton?!

 Haunted door knocker and gargoyle candelabra - both animated

 Spooky phones!

 The triceratops skulls are awesome and something different!

 Another view of Home Sweet Haunted Home, along with a skull snow globe
and skeleton cloche

 Adorable Welcome sign!

 More skeletons and an animated rattling coffin

 Another animated frame, this time with a reaper that looks really cool, plus
gravestone decor

 Gold spiderweb and Wicked pillows, plus tablecloths 

 Ouija board sign - kinda rough around the edges and a plain design, but I 
kinda like it!

 This ghostly lady lights up and moans, and I kinda want her to scare people with!

 Window and lawn decor

 Beetlejuice baby??

 Autumn / Thanksgiving goodies

 Animated skeletons

 This color scheme for autumn is kinda weird, but I kinda like it!

 More autumn decor...

 Those orange, red, and yellow leaves make me so happy!

 Itty bitty scarecrows!

 Would love to have a porch so I could decorate it with these lovely pumpkins!

What are your favorite Halloween items at Big Lots?

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. Ooooooh! Some really cool stuff there. LOVE the radio and skull lamp. As for the skeleton dragon, that is awesome!! We can only hope to see these in the UK 🤞🏻

  2. On the window and lawn decor part, what exactly is that thing with the bats? Does it light up or is it just a sign or something?

  3. Ok, I haven't shopped at Big Lots at Halloween for a couple of years, but based on your photos, I will definitely make it in this year! The dragon is ah-mahzing! The photo with 'More skeletons and an animated rattling coffin' -- are those skeleton animal lights?!? Must have!

  4. I haven't visited Big Lots for Halloween in a couple of years, however, based on your photos, I will definitely make it in this year. The skeleton dragon is Ah-mahzing. Also, in the photo marked 'More skeletons and an animated rattling coffin', are those skeleton animal lights?!?! Must have!

    1. Yes! They have skeleton bat and cat string lights!!! I want to go back for those!


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