Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Halloween 2018 at 99 Cents Only Stores

My 99 Cents Only store finally started putting out their Halloween goodies! They are the perfect place to go if you are looking to save some money on Halloween decor. While their items tend to not be very high-quality, there are usually a few pieces I like picking up there, like stickers and a few decor items.

Besides having items that are only 99 cents, they also have a few other items that are priced between $3 - $10. These are higher-quality products like light-up artwork and lanterns that are a pretty good value for what you get.

This year, I only picked up some ribbon, window clings, and a drying mat at 99 Cents Only, but you can check out what else they had below:

These glass bottles and bucket were pretty neat! Love how they look vintage!
Plus the glass bottles had little LED lights inside them that light up.

 This painting lit up and was pretty cool and only $9.99, which is a great deal
for these types of light-up paintings!

 More cool glass bottles, again with a great vintage vibe

 They had these guys at Walmart last year, now they are at the 99 Cents
Only - be warned, this design was ripped off from a legit artist, so I don't
recommend buying these - support the artist Johanna Parker
instead and order from her website!

 I want to live in these Halloween houses! Won't you be my spooky neighbor?

 Colorful, metallic-looking jack-o-lanterns that light up

 Bath mats

 Lots of decor for windows, doors, etc.

 Plastic glasses

 Plastic skeleton glasses

 Plastic tumblers, red skulls, and damask pumpkins

 Lottsa masks

 Skeleton angels

 Trick or treat buckets and bags

 These houses would be so cute if they didn't have gross glitter all over them!
Glitter is ruining Halloween :(

 Dia de los Muertos stuff

Halloween lanterns - look at the cute ones on the bottom shelf shaped like
haunted houses and witches hats! The other ones on the top shelf are mirrored!

 Creepy changing portraits

 Party supplies

 More Dia de los Muertos decor - these coffin boxes were pretty cool!

Adorable wood decor, Halloween ribbons, and little pumpkins

Have you checked out 99 Cents Only yet? If so, what goodies did you end up picking up?

Stay spooky!

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