Monday, October 29, 2018

10 Things I'm Loving This October

I know I say this every year, but I can't believe how fast this month has gone by! Can you believe we are only a few days away from Halloween?! Ahhhhh, I sure can't! I thought I would wind down this month by taking a moment to acknowledge some of the things I really loved this October. I plan on making this a reoccurring monthly post where I can share things I'm grateful for, big or small. Plus, I love sharing items I'm currently obsessing over with you!

So here we go, here are 10 Things I'm Loving This October:

1.) All Hallow's Eve scent by Seance Perfumes - Every year I try to treat myself to a new Halloween scent, and this year I tried Seance Perfumes for the first time. I've been eyeing their goodies for a while now, and ended up ordering their three Halloween items (a pumpkin candle, a room spray, and this delightful scent!) as my first purchases from them. I love all three items, but I've been wearing this perfume all month long! It smells like autumn leaves, candy corn, and a subtle hint of spice. It's so unique and whenever I wear it I can't stop sniffing myself, haha!

2.) A to Z Apple Cider Donut candle - This is the scent I've been burning most of October, and I am so in love with it! The smell of tart apples is balanced out by sugary sweetness, and it fills my room with its perfect fall scent. I also love their other candles, you can check out my review of their Halloween collection HERE!

3.) Halloween card swap - I hosted my annual Halloween card swap this year, and it has been so fun receiving Halloween cards from everyone that participated! I received some truly beautiful cards, as well as some unexpected gifts, that really touched my Halloween heart! Every single card I got made my spooky spirit soar! And I hope the 100+ cards I sent out made people's season a little spookier, too!

4.) Huluween short films on Hulu - The Huluween short film fest features eight short horror films, each clocking in at about 5 minutes, and they are so great for getting in a bite-sized dose of fear when you don't have much time.

5.) DIY Pumpkin Spice Coffee Scrub - I always end up with extra pumpkin spice coffee this time of year, so I decided to re-purpose it into this incredible coffee scrub. It makes me smell amazing and exfoliates my skin (which is much needed since the weather has been fluctuating so much here). Click the link for how to make it yourself!

6.) Bloodbath's Absinthe and Sugar incense - When I'm not burning my Apple Cider Donut candle, I'm burning Bloodbath's Absinthe and Sugar incense! This scent reminds me of a bag full of sugary Halloween treats (I guess I love sweet scents). I love this scent so much I stocked up on it this month when they were donating proceeds to an animal rescue charity!

7.) Scare Valley Farms - This haunt and hayride in Big Bear was the most fun I had all month! It had some wicked scares, amazing actors, and such a fun vibe! Plus the weekend getaway to Big Bear was much needed and we got to stay in a cute cabin and actually experience a taste of fall with cooler temps, rain, and thunderstorms!

8.) Dark Halloween music - This year, I've been digging some older playlists I made full of goth, industrial, metal, etc. Halloween tunes. I finally decided to compile them all in a Spotify playlist and it is the one I've been listening to non-stop this month! It features 31 Halloween songs by Type O Negative, God Module, Switchblade Symphony, AFI, and so many more - check it out HERE!

9.) Pumpkin bagels - I love everything pumpkin, but I am especially partial to vegan pumpkin bagels topped with some vegan cream cheese, mmmmm! This season Dave's Killer Bread released their new Pumpkin Madness bagels and they are my new fave! They have small chunks of (vegan) marshmallow bits in them, making them even more delectable than other pumpkin bagels. If I could, I would probably eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

10.) Halloween - Like duh, right?? It is what this month is all about, and I have been enjoying my spooky self SO MUCH this season! I've gone to some amazing haunts, visited my favorite pumpkin patch, baked up some pumpkin treats, held some incredible giveaways with some fantastic companies, and watched lots of creepy series and movies! It is the month for everything spooky and I am so sad it is ending soon (though not terribly sad, since Halloween is everyday for some of us!).
What have you been loving this October?

Hopefully I'll be back next month with a similar post for November!

Stay spooky, my creeps!

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