Thursday, October 25, 2018

Boney Island Halloween Display

In case you are not familiar with Boney Island, it was a home haunt located in a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles that brought wonder and joy Halloween fans of all ages with its mechanical skeletons and spooky displays. After almost two decades of spreading the spooky spirit and creating a community celebration, the home haunt had to unfortunately shut down due to staggering "safety" fees the city was demanding for traffic and crowd control.

This year, the haunt has been resurrected in Griffith Park right next to the Ghost Train attraction. Former Simpsons producer Rick Polizzi originally built Boney Island for his kids and neighborhood children and through the years it evolved into a massive attraction that drew thousands seeking some Halloween magic. In its new home in Griffith Park, it has more room to spread out and allow fun-loving Halloween fans a chance to enjoy its whimsy.

I never had a chance to visit its old location at Polizzi's residence, so I was heartbroken when I heard it was forced to close. However, when the attraction found a new home at Griffith Park (a Halloween miracle!), I was absolutely delighted that I would finally be able to experience Boney Island. I was given complimentary tickets to visit and share my thoughts on this Halloween attraction. Keep reading below for photos and my review of this Halloween display!

I attended Boney Island on a Saturday night - it was fairly busy, but street parking was easy to find after a few drive-bys. It is located next to the Ghost Train attraction, and I suggest doing both in one night! After you purchase tickets for Boney Island, you can get your hand stamped and come and go as many times as you want that evening. There are numerous photo opportunities throughout the attraction, as well as games and shows throughout the night.

There are displays of skeletons telling fortunes, playing cards, painting, playing instruments, doing magic tricks, and much more! The skeletons are mechanized, so they move and it is a delight to watch them do their tricks! There is also an enchanted garden and spooky forest to walk through, and lots of delightful surprises that await guests.

The focal point of the attraction is an adorable three story house featuring jack-o-lanterns in all the windows. During special showtimes, Maestro Maxilla, an animated skeleton host, conducts a cluster of cauldrons in a water dance while the jack-o-lanterns sing along to the music!

The attraction doesn't feature anything scary and is perfect for those looking for some wholesome Halloween fun this season. It is suitable for both kids and kids-at-heart!

The attraction itself doesn't take too long, you can do it in about 15 - 30 minutes, but I encourage you to take your time - you will surely miss little details the first time around, so make sure to savor the eerie atmosphere and take your time exploring!

Boney Island is located at 5202 Zoo Drive in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California. This is the last weekend before Halloween to check it out! It is open October 25th - 31st from  6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Boney Island website!

Until next time, stay spooky

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