Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween 2012 at Target

This past weekend I headed out to Target on a whim to see if they had their Halloween stuff out yet...surprisingly, the Target by my house did have a big chunk of their Halloween items out!! I went a little crazy and went on a bit of a shopping spree! The only thing that I couldn't find was Candy Corn Oreos, but all the other goodies I picked up more than made up for those treats.

I took some photos of what they had in stock, check 'em out below:

 Cute skellies and tons of wall decor


 Jack-o-lantern cups, spiderweb bowls and skull plates

 Owl, skull and jack-o-lantern pillows

 Lots of cool masquerade masks in the costume section
(I love the plague doctor mask!)

Grinning jack-o-lantern

 Beautiful lanterns

 Hanging jack-o-lantern prop that looks like it on fire

 More cute tableware!

 Cupcake liners

 Montage of amazing frames...I ended up buying the "I'm batty for you"
one! Couldn't resist!

Haunted House Cookie Kit (pretty sure this isn't vegan, but it
was just too adorable to not take a pic of!)

My haul!

Is your Target fully stocked yet? What goodies have you picked up? Did yours have the Candy Corn Oreos?


  1. None of the 3 Targets I've been to recently are quite fully stocked yet but they're getting there.

    And NO Candy Corn Oreos to be found either! Boo!

  2. Those skull pillows are unabashedly awesome. Haven't seen those at my local Target...but they DO have the Candy Corn Oreos (not to mention Caramel Apple Hershey Kisses).

    Nice haul.

  3. There Halloween stuff keeps getting better and better. I just love the picture frames! Thanks for sharing.


  4. This sure is eye candy to me, love the masks and the pumpkin on fire!!

  5. I NEED that tupperware.. I can't find halloween tupperware ANYWHERE.

  6. Ooooo I've been trying to hold off 'til October 1st as, last I was there, they weren't set up yet.
    Nice haul!

    Is that a Halloween Color Blanks I see?! I've been looking for those for YEARS!

    So excited...


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