Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween 2012 at Walmart

I usually don't frequent Walmart stores because there really isn't one near where I live and as a company they don't have a stellar track record, but when a little birdie told me they had awesome Halloween stuff I couldn't resist checking it out!

Since Target doesn't seem to have many Halloween clothes this year (boo!) I was most excited to check out Walmart's Halloween tee, pajama and socks section. The first thing I see as I enter the store is a huge Halloween clothes section! SCORE! They even had some nifty Universal monster tees (Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Invisible Man) and tons of awesome socks! They even had comfy pajamas and cute undies!

Here are some of their t-shirts:

And some socks, kid's tees, pj's and panties:

They had so much Halloween stuff! I mean aisles and aisles and aisles!

And some pretty cute jewelry. Check out these necklaces:

Unbelievable, this is my first time checking out Walmart for Halloween. They definitely had some neat stuff and I ended up buying a bunch of shirts and socks, plus some other Halloweenie odds and ends (like the bat necklace above and some adorable Halloween bracelets).

Have you checked out Walmart this Halloween season? I would recommend it just based on the awesome t-shirts they have!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I usually avoid Wal-Mart, but I was really disapointed with Target's Halloween selection this year! I need that Creature from the Black Lagoon shirt!

  2. I too, was disappointed with Target's selection this year - will definitely make it a point to check out Wally World. Awesome!
    Thanks :)

  3. They have some really awesome cups too - stuff with bats and monsters and skulls, cups that glow in the dark or light up, just a whole bunch of great ones.

  4. We always just go and dick around in their Halloween aisle, and split without buying anything.

  5. Your Wal-Mart must be better than mine. It has three aisles for Halloween, and it's mostly kid's costumes and masks. Nothing much of interest. And most of the T-shirts are Hello Kitty. >_<

  6. I was shocked to find the classic Universal Monsters shirts. Had to snag the Creature one. There's also a Frankenstein's monster one that I didn't see in your pics. I've been to a few different stores and none of them have the same selection of Universal shirts. They never have all 3.

  7. Your Wal-Mart needs to have a little chat with mine. They had tees and socks (I didn't see half of what you discovered though) and two aisles crammed with just kid costumes and three (three!) with JUST candy!

  8. I picked up the Universal monster shirts. For under six bucks a piece that's a steal. Not that I needed more monster shirts, but after Halloween they won't be there.

  9. Well, dammit. Now I feel compelled to go to the evil empire and spend my monies.



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