Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Target's Halloween Shirts for 2012

It seems that every year Target has less and less Halloween shirts...such a shame! This year it looks like they just have a few women's Halloween shirts. Plus they don't have any Halloween pajamas or even socks!! I'm hoping they just haven't put them out yet, but the Target I went to was fairly well-stocked with the rest of their Halloween items. Boo.

Oh well...I can always reminisce about the shirts they had last year or the year before and wear the ones I bought previously!

Here are the shirts I saw at Target this past weekend:

 This was the cutest one I saw!

 Lame...totally lame.

I love owls and this was sooooo cute, but I didn't like the glittery moon
so I didn't buy it.

You can check out what other Halloween goodies Target has in stock in my previous post!


  1. If you can brave WalMart they have quite an assortment of pajamas and socks.

  2. Target's Halloween stuff this year is disappointing! :/

  3. The only thing I bought at Target was a Lego Monster Fighter's little pack with the ghost and clock. I tucked that away for my son's stocking for Christmas.


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