Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Funday: Christmas Edition

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas...this month has flown by, which is a pity because I really love this season! Everyone assumes that since Halloween is "my" holiday that I don't enjoy any other holidays...but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

After Halloween, Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the chilly weather, the decorations, the food, and, yes, even the music! Not to mention that the season also contains the start of the winter season (happy belated winter solstice), and even though I don't get any snow where I live, I love photos of dreamy snowscapes and wintery woods. I also love pics of Christmas things that have a gothic or creepy twist to them (hello Creepmas) as well as just plain joyful Christmas photos!

For this edition of Sunday Funday, I wanted to share some fun photos of the season (apologies to anyone that follows me on Pinterest or Tumblr, as these photos may look familiar) to spread some comfort and joy!



 Disneyland Christmas balloons

Have a Scary Little Christmas, kiddies!


I live for autumn, but I love winter, too! 

Wishing you and yours a very holly, jolly Christmas!


  1. "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" I love it! I just watched Home Alone recently. Watching that each year is a fun Christmas tradition. Nice finds! The snow jack-o-lantern is very cool too.

  2. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2013!

  3. I LOVE the Creature From The Black Lagoon one, it's really cute and made me laugh... :)


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