Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Night Gallery Halloween Display at Roger's Gardens

Boils and Ghouls, if you've been reading this blog the past few years, you know how much I love visiting Roger's Gardens over Labor Day weekend, since this is the weekend they unveil their elaborate Halloween displays! A visit to Roger's Gardens is an annual tradition in the Spooky house and really kicks off Halloween season for me.

This past Labor Day weekend was no different, and I headed over to the Corona Del Mar plant nursery to see their transformation to the "Night Gallery", which was their theme this year. Here is the description from the website:

"Wander down the central corridor of our Night Gallery, accompanied by chilling spirits, gawking at one-of-a-kind wonders from a collection of Halloween artists. Every corner, nook, and cranny of our four eerie art installations titled Cabinet of Curiosities, Mad Inventor’s Workshop, Day of the Dead, and Witching Hour overflow with creepy treasures to delight the most devoted of Halloween’s faithful."

Check out some photos I took of Roger's Gardens' "Night Gallery" below!

 They have a lovely selection of beautiful pumpkins, too!

Welcome to the Night Gallery

 Surrender your treats!

 Such great vintage Halloween art

 Skulls and scientific animal drawings

 Cabinet of curiosities

 LED candles

 Potions and elixirs

 Insect specimens

 More creepy crawlers

 Love the vintage pom-pom decorations!

 Dia de los Muertos

 Pulling your strings

 I need all the Halloween tableware!

 Just hangin' around

 Witching hour

 Creepy dolls heads in jars

 Halloween pillows

 So much vintage Halloween goodness!

 Loved this silhouette artwork

 Skull moons

 Skeleton masks!

 Grim grinning ghosts

 Terrifying terrariums

 Magicks and palmistry

Magnifying glasses and other curios

 Crocodile tears

  This scientific specimen room was probably my favorite! 

 Orange and black are such happy colors

Click links for photos at Roger's Gardens from past years: 2012, 2011, 2010!


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