Saturday, December 10, 2016

Haunting Holiday Cards

Regular ol' holly jolly holiday cards aren't really my style, and while I appreciate family and friends who send these I always wish to receive cards that are a little more my style, a little creepy, a little macabre. So I've searched the internet for these types of haunting holiday cards and found some delightfully dark ones, which I'm sharing below:

Bat in Your Belfry - Petyr Christmas Greeting Card - There is nothing more perfect than Petyr from What We Do in the Shadows wishing you a Merry Creepmas! This shop has many more spooky Christmas cards, too!

Poison Apple Printshop 5-pack of Holiday Cards - I ADORE the Ouija-inspired Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays card, and the Hail Santa card made me giggle! You can buy those separate, but this pack also includes some other gorgeous cards.

Krampus Greeting Cards - Vintage illustrations of everyone's favorite Christmas devil to terrify your family with!

On Cupcake Moon's Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Holiday Card - I love how this one has a different color scheme than most holiday cards and it is such a well-done design!

Ink and Wilderness' Glad Tidings Bat Card - This artist's black ink illustrations make for some beautiful gothic Christmas cards, including this "Glad Tidings" card featuring bats holding up a garland. There are various other designs, including gothic arches and gargoyles.

Merry Crustmas - This isn't really a spooky card, but since I LOVE pizza I couldn't resist including it!

Merry X-raymas - Some medical humor (sure to elicit groans from the recipient)!

Teeth and Claws' Bat Christmas Card - Adorable bats flying out of a wrapped present to bring the recipient joy! This shop has many other whimsical prints perfect for the holidays!

Agorables' Goth Christmas Tree Card -  Black tree, skull ornaments, what could be any more perfect than that?

Killing Me Softly's Happy Horror Days Greeting Cards - Perfect for horror-lovers, these cards feature Jason, Leatherface, Freddy, and Michael in cozy 'n' creepy holiday scenes!

Which holiday cards will you be sending your friends and family this Creepmas?

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