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Where to See the Christmas Devil on Krampusnacht

Merry Krampusnacht!
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Tonight is a very special night, as the evening of December 5th marks Krampusnacht (or Krampus Night), when Krampus the Christmas Devil roams the earth in search of wicked children to punish. Krampusnacht occurs the night before the Feast of Saint Nicholas (December 6th), and tonight Krampus will punish naughty children by shoving them in his sack, beating them with birch switches, and leaving them coal. I hope you've been good this year and that Krampus doesn't come for you! However, if you've been good and still want to see Krampus tonight, I've got some suggestions below.

Krampus movie

I'm pretty ecstatic that Krampus has become a household name across the U.S. When I started participating in Creepmas celebrations a few years ago, most people didn't know who Krampus was, but now the Christmas devil has his very own movie, multiple appearances in other films and TV shows, and lots of books on the hairy demon, not to mention the Krampus festivals that are popping up all over the United States. I think showing the darker aspects of the holiday season is fantastic and adds some much-needed spookiness to this holly-jolly season.

Krampus from A Christmas Horror Story

As I mentioned above, there are now lots of Krampus-related events held across the U.S., from Krampus balls to Krampus parades and runs (modeled after the traditional Krampuslaufs in Europe). These celebrations of Krampus, usually held on or around December 5th, have spread from Austria and Germany to the U.S. You can now attend these Krampus events in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many more cities! Here is what some of those events look like:

Krampuslauf in Munich, Germany - I love how the Krampuses attack the crowd!

The very first Krampus Walk in Los Angeles in 2013

Krammpstein at The Krampus Ball Los Angeles in 2014

I am not attending any Krampus celebrations this year, but I am celebrating by watching Krampus wreak havoc in the movies A Christmas Horror Story (it's on Netflix!) and Krampus, both highly recommended. You could also watch Krampus' appearances on television - he was featured in episodes of Grimm (season 3 - "Twelve Days of Krampus"), Lost Girl (season 4 - "Groundhog Fae"), and American Dad (season 10 - "Minstrel Krampus"). I like how for each show Krampus was imagined differently:

Krampus in Grimm's "Twelve Days of Krampus" 

Krampus in Lost Girl's "Groundhog Fae"

Krampus in American Dad's "Minstrel Krampus"

There are lots of Krampus books out as well, I'm excited to check out The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas: Roots and Rebirth of the Folkloric Devil, which talks about Krampus' recent rise to popularity in the United States and seeking out the history of the Christmas devil. There is also the book Contemporary Krampus: A Modern Look At An Ancient Legend, which is a diverse collection of art focusing on Krampus from artists around the world.

The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas

For more Krampus, you can read all about the Christmas devil in my previous posts HERE and HERE, and I also shared some creepy-cool gifts for Krampus-lovers HERE and HERE.

I hope you get to see Krampus tonight without having to experience his punishments! Bolt your doors and snuggle in to enjoy Krampus' many manifestations in the movies, television shows, festivals, art, and books mentioned above! Or feel free to suggest your own below. I'm hoping Krampus doesn't come knocking at my door tonight...

Stay spooky!

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