Sunday, July 23, 2017

Only 100 Days to Halloween!

I don't know about you ghouls and boils, but I am freaking out that there are only 100 days to Halloween!! It just seems to be going far too fast, and in a way I hate countdowns because they just re-emphasize how little time is left to celebrate the glorious Halloween season!

Let's face it, for Halloween fiends like us, Halloween is so much more than just one day a year, and while I celebrate it everyday, there is just something special about the actual Halloween season when you are surrounded by lovely autumn decor and everyone has the spooky spirit!

I am looking forward to haunted houses, cooler nights, shorter days, autumn leaves, carving jack-o-lanterns, visiting pumpkin patches, surrounding myself with Halloween music, creepy stories, scary movies (even more so than I usually do!), pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING, and all the other spooky activities!

I've already been invoking the Halloween spirit by joining a Halloween club (the Order of the Thinned Veil, read about that here), stalking stores for their Halloween collections (and sharing my fave finds with you here!), watching Halloween-themed movies, listening to Halloween music, burning pumpkin spice wax melts and autumn-scented essential oils, planning for haunts and other Halloween events (I'm attending the Halloween convention Midsummer Scream next weekend, full report coming soon), planning how to decorate the house, and sharing it all with you, dear readers!

I'll continue sharing Halloweenie goodies here (check out what I've posted so far!), but will also be posting across social media on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I highly encourage you to follow along for more ghoulish goodies!

Stay spooky, fellow Halloweenies!

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  1. I begin celebrating on October 1st, so I think of it as 69 more days, personally.


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