Monday, October 9, 2017

Join The Great Pumpkin Project this October

Looking for something simple to do to invoke the magic of Halloween? I highly recommend participating in The Great Pumpkin Project, which seeks to spread Halloween cheer and fear with a simple premise - place a jack-o-lantern in a spooky spot where it will conjure the Halloween spirit in whoever passes by it. Check out more from The Great Pumpkin Project's mission statement below:

Can you remember back to a time as a kid where Halloween was magic. You had just started school again and were hating every minute of it, but your only solace was that within a month, The Season would begin. The season where it gets dark earlier in the day, the air is crisp and and leaves make scratching sounds along the pavement at night. That time of year when things that were brushed off as nonsense, or make believe where now possible. The time when darkness was king. The time where reality bent ever so slightly. The nights where you were sure...something otherworldly was in fact...out there. These nights, and this time of year were, and still are religion to some. The icon, the patron saint, the figure at the altar of that religion...The Jack-o-Lantern. 

The Great Pumpkin Project is a movement to bring back the spirit of those nights, and the season's high holiday, All Hallows' Eve. Every night in the month of October, a lit jack-o- lantern is placed in a spot that looks in need of its presence. On an abandon railroad bridge, at the gates of a cemetery, at the foot of a covered bridge. Anywhere that looks as if it screams Halloween spirit. Jacks can also be placed in highly visible areas, so that the spirit of the high holiday can be felt by anyone who sees it. The project's Preserve The Eve Of All Hallows'. To make sure that the feelings we felt as kids in the month of October live on forever. One lit Jack, for 31 nights. Hail The Harvest!

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I really love this idea, and I think it perfectly embodies the spirit of Halloween - spreading spookiness and a sprinkle of magic. It is easy to participate, and will help capture those Halloween feelings of fear and fun!

You can find tags to print for your pumpkins on The Great Pumpkin Project's site HERE!

Share your photos with The Great Pumpkin Project via email (contact info on their site HERE) or by tagging them in your Instagram photos - follow them on Instagram!

Stay spooky...

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