Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Make a Vegan Jack-o-Lantern Burger for Halloween

Enjoy a vegan Halloween burger this October (and beyond)!

If you're like me, you like to add Halloween magic to everything, and that includes food! I mean, I don't have the time to get too fancy, but a few fearsome flourishes can add Halloween spirit to any meal. As you can see from my pic above, sometimes the simplest trick makes for a festive treat! Turning a vegan cheeseburger into a Halloween cheeseburger is really easy, but I'll walk you through how to do it below.

For the ingredients, all you need are vegan burgers (I like Beyond Burgers - read my review), vegan cheese (I used Daiya cheddar slices, but also like Parmela Creamery sharp cheddar slices), vegan buns (Pretzilla buns are my go-to), anything else you like to add to your burgers, and either a jack-o-lantern cookie cutter (kinda like this) or small knife.

After cooking your burger and prepping all your other fixings, use the jack-o-lantern cookie cutter to cut out the pumpkin, then jack-o-lantern eyes, nose, and mouth (or use a knife to cut them out) and then place the cheese on the burger - it's that easy!

Have you tried this way of spooking up your vegan burgers?

What other tricks do you like to use when Halloweenifying your favorite meals?

As always, stay spooky!

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