Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Check-In to the Notorious Cecil Hotel in LA - Guest Post on Spooky Little Halloween

The Cecil Hotel in DTLA
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Last year I shared the 5 Spookiest Haunts in Orange County on Spooky Little Halloween's blog as part of her Travel Tuesday summer series. This series is really neat since it features many different Halloween bloggers sharing haunted locations from all over and it is just in time for summer vacations! I participated again this year, and my contribution to Spooky Little Halloween's Travel Tuesday features another dreadful destination right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

This time, I'm inviting you to check into the old Cecil Hotel (which is undergoing renovations and has been re-branded to Stay-on-Main to distance itself from its violent reputation). This historic landmark has a dark history filled with grisly murders, tragic deaths, and macabre mysteries, and is said to be one of the most haunted locations in LA. It has hosted serial killers (yes, plural), been the location of one of LA's most disturbing deaths in recent memory, and the dark halls have even inspired a season of American Horror Story. Check out an excerpt from my article on the Cecil below, then head to Spooky Little Halloween to read the rest of the article:
The Cecil Hotel, now renamed Stay-on-Main, looms over downtown Los Angeles, its stone fa├žade crisscrossed with old fire escapes, a few faded yellow overhangs shading some windows, and its front entrance framed with grand columns and gold, recalling its glory days. You may experience a chill walking past the 14-story building, for it has a notorious reputation as the location of an unprecedented number of suicides, murders, was the host of serial killers, and the site of one of the most mysterious deaths in Los Angeles’ recent history. Due to its dark history, The Cecil Hotel is one of the eeriest and cursed hotels in Los Angeles and it even inspired American Horror Story: Hotel.
Continue reading the rest of the article on Spooky Little Halloween!

Would you ever stay the night in The Cecil Hotel?

Stay spooky!

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