Friday, June 22, 2018

Halloween Bootique in Costa Mesa, CA

We are certainly lucky here in Southern California to have an abundance of year-round Halloween stores, from Halloween Club in La Mirada to Halloweentown in Burbank to Traditions in Canoga Park, plus many more! One of those is Halloween Bootique in Costa Mesa, California, located right here in Orange County. For some reason I had never checked it out, despite driving by and seeing the signs for a looong time. This changed this past weekend when I needed a little Halloween pick-me-up, and decided to pop-in while I was in the area. Check out photos from Halloween Bootique below:

Here is a screen grab from Google Maps of the entrance - when it is open the
big delivery door is up (with another matching door on the left that
will be open).

Look for the costume signs and painted walls in a delivery corridor off of
the corner of 19th and Harbor, right next to 24 Hour Fitness.

Here is the entrance with an underwater / pirate theme.

Now, the actual Halloween Bootique entrance is a bit hard to find. It is located at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa, so you can park in the structure there (parking is free) if you plan on visiting. The store entrance itself is off of 19th Street (near the corner of 19th and Harbor, right next to the 24 Hour Fitness), on street level. You have to be out on the street to access it, as it cannot be accessed from inside Triangle Square. It is located in an old U-shaped delivery entrance with two large roll up metal doors big enough for trucks to drive through. Look for the "Halloween Bootique" signage over the entrance, costume signs, and painted walls in the open delivery corridor that you will enter through to find the entrance to the store. 

I assumed Halloween Bootique would only be a costume store, but I was surprised to find that they carry a lot of higher quality goth and steampunk clothing, art, jewelry, purses, and aisles of Halloween decor. Yes, the majority of the store is costumes, but it sure was fun to see they had other Halloweenie items available at pretty reasonable prices. 

 Near the entrance you're greeted by these pirates skeletons and artwork! 
There is also a jewelry case on the left and an assortment of purses in the
coffin bookcases.

 The goth and steampunk section had some very pretty things!

 Lots of corsets, hats, googles, and other accessories available

 Coffins for sale

 Loved this guy with some serious ocular trouble

 There are probably at least 10 other aisles like this one packed with costumes!

This creepy back room had lots of artwork on the walls, some old timey
furniture, and these darling ghouls


 Just hanging around, waiting for Halloween...

 Aisles and aisles of Halloween goodies!

 Adored this creepy lady!

Halloween goodies!

Lots of Halloween tableware to stock up on throughout the year

 Please do not touch the zombie baby

Stop by Halloween Bootique and hang out for a spell

Have you been to Halloween Bootique yet? Check it out for year-round Halloween vibes!

Halloween Bootique can be found at 1875 Newport Blvd L1-130 (entrance on 19th St.) in Costa Mesa, CA 92627. They are open Tuesday - Friday 11AM to 7PM and Saturdays 11AM to 6PM. Note they are closed Sundays and Mondays.

Stay spooky!

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  1. Wow - what a cool year round store. Did you purchased anything?


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