Monday, June 18, 2018

Vegan Vampire Merch for Spooky Vegans

There are a ton of vegan companies that sell stickers and t-shirts, but how many spooky vegan companies can you think of? Probably not many, which is why I was delighted to discover Vegan Vampire Inc., a company that makes vegan merch for the strange and unusual! Their entire line of vegan apparel and accessories is for those that enjoy the dark side and it draws inspiration from goth, punk, and metal music, horror films, monsters, and all things creepy and kooky!

They were sweet enough to send me some of their spooky stickers, and I wanted to share them with you so you can go snag some of these yourself! You can check them out above and below, along with a few of their tees from their Etsy store.

Their stickers are so perfect and I want to put them on everything! I love the ones I received that were specifically inspired by Type O Negative, The X-Files, The Addams Family, The Lost Boys, and The Ramones. What spooky vegan wouldn't love these?!

They also have two tees available, check them out below:

They let me know that in addition to these dreadfully fun designs that they are working on new ones - keep an eye on their Etsy store and Instagram pages for their latest!

Stay spooky!

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