Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Chocolate Pumpkin Mini Cakes

I am pretty obsessed with the Marbled Banana Bread from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's cookbook Isa Does It, cuz who wouldn't be in love with that banana and chocolate combo?!

Out of curiosity and for my love of all things pumpkin, I did a search on Isa's Post-Punk Kitchen site to see if she might have a similar recipe with pumpkin-y, autumn flavors. I ended up hitting the jackpot and found her recipe for a Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf, which I transformed into jack-o-lantern mini cakes!

At first, the combo of pumpkin + chocolate sounded a little funny to me, even though I love both. Still, I had to try it! The result was better than I could have anticipated! Of course, as you can tell from the photo above I didn't make a loaf...instead I poured the batter into some jack-o-lantern molds and made mini cakes!

I think this is the perfect chocolate-y, pumpkin-y treat to make the night before Halloween, or Devil's Night (can I rename this Devil's Pumpkin Cake?)! It is also a wonderful dessert to make as we transition from October to November. The cakes were really chocolaty, but also full of warm, autumn flavors and they make a tempting treat on a chilly autumn day (or night!).

You can find the recipe for this perfect pumpkin treat on the PPK site!

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