Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

Looking for last-minute, easy food ideas for Halloween? How about this super simple snack? Take some Nutter Butters (they are an "accidentally vegan" item!) and spread some of your favorite white vegan icing on them (alternatively, you can dip them in white icing if it is liquid enough).

For the eye and mouth, you can use mini chocolate chips, black icing or melted chocolate. If you use mini chocolate chips, you can stick them onto the icing when it's still wet. If you are using melted chocolate or dark icing (anything you have to "draw" with), then let the white icing dry first on some parchment paper before trying to draw on the eyes and mouth.

Let everything dry completely, then serve these delightful treats at your Halloween party or enjoy while watching your favorite haunted house movie!

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