Friday, October 24, 2014

Invoking the Halloween Spirit with Queen of the Track Zine

Pumpkins make dreadful sunny days bearable.

When the lovely ladies at Queen of the Track asked me to do a guest post on their online zine, I was thrilled! I absolutely adore the content of their blog, especially their Halloween series, so I was more than happy to contribute!

Since they are based in the UK, I thought it would be fun to write about how I celebrate Halloween in Southern California even though I have to suffer through cruel sunny days (it's gross, trust me) and there is no fall foliage whatsoever (damn you, palm trees!). Still, I have some tricks and treats that help me invoke the Halloween spirit despite the uncooperative weather/location - and you can read all about them over at Queen of the Track HERE!

After reading, you should check out the rest of their site, including some truly amazing articles on horror films and novels, female villains, and my personal favorite at the moment, poems based on Final Girls in horror movies by Amy Roberts! Read more here!

Pretty sure it is my favorite new site, and I am just so happy and humbled they asked me to guest blog! Please give them a look and a follow on TumblrFacebook, and Twitter!

1 comment:

  1. Sunshine and palm trees sound pretty good to me right now. It's been raining for days. Waiting for it to finally stop so I can resume Halloween decorating. :/


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