Tuesday, December 9, 2014

13 Days of Creepmas: Creepy Christmas Tree Toppers

The hardest part of decorating my Creepmas tree is figuring out what to top it with! I have lots of Halloween baubles and gothic ornaments to decorate my tree with, but I always find myself stumped when trying to figure out what to top it with. A star or an angel is far too ordinary, I need something appropriately spooky and perhaps creepy to complete my Creepmas tree. So this year I turned to Google for help, and here are the terrifying (and terrifyingly awesome) suggestions it turned up:

Top your tree with a horror icon, like the 
Bride of Frankenstein!

A simple skull makes quite a impact on the tree.

Jack as Sandy Claws makes a perfect topper!

I love the idea of using a raven for a Creepmas tree topper!

Epic bat wings top an epic Halloween tree!

Another Skellington topper, this one of his screaming skull.

My favorite, a simple bat cut-out - and so easy to make yourself!

Witches hat - also easy and pretty awesome!

Your Elder God Cthulhu makes a delightful addition to a tree.

Taking the top prize for creepy is this re-purposed doll head! Yikes!

You can check out what I ended up using as a Creepmas tree topper this year HERE


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