Wednesday, December 3, 2014

13 Days of Creepmas: Gingerbread Haunted Houses and Gingerdead Cookies

The Haunted Mansion's 2014 Gingerbread House at Disneyland! 
They change it every year for their Nightmare Before Christmas 
display! It is massive and I believe it is made with real gingerbread.

Building gingerbread houses for the holidays just got a whole lot creepier! Instead of traditional cutesy gingerbread houses, this year you can make a ginger-"dead" haunted house, taking inspiration from Halloween or The Nightmare Before Christmas, like the photo above! A lot of gingerbread kits are sold around Halloween, but you can also make or modify your own for Creepmas. 

A lot of gingerbread kits sold in stores aren't vegan (though you can buy a vegan and gluten-free one from Sensitive Sweets in Orange County - they ship, too!), but you can make your own vegan gingerbread house by following this easy recipe

For vegan decorations, you can use vegan candy canes (usually found at health food stores or Whole Foods), Twizzlers (accidentally vegan), Dots (accidentally vegan), Sweet Surfs candies (many of their candies are vegan, just check the label!), vegan chocolates from Endangered Species, Go Max Go, Sjaak's, Premium Chocolatiers, etc., pretzels, vegan sprinkles, shredded coconut, dried fruit and nuts, vegan fruit roll ups, vegan marshmallows from Dandies or Sweet and Sara, vegan lollipops, and so on! The royal icing for holding together the gingerbread haunted house can also be made vegan (and even dyed with vegan food dyes if needed), and a recipe for that is included in the recipe above. 

Here are few examples to get you inspired (note: some of the candies shown in the pics below aren't vegan, so just be aware these are just examples to spark your imagination!):

If gingerbread houses are too much of a project for you, may I suggest making ginger-"dead" cookies? You can make them suitable for Creepmas by transforming boring old gingerdead cookies into spooky skeletons, vicious vampires, or macabre mummies with just a bit of icing! Or use Halloween cookie cutters to cut Christmas-y gingerbread into Halloweenie shapes! Check out the photos below for ideas:


  1. Cute - I am gonna make some scary gingerbread this year for fun.

  2. someone mentioned the IKEA kit might be vegan


  4. Also this gingerbread house kit from
    Bed bath and beyond is vegan


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