Friday, December 12, 2014

13 Days of Creepmas: Gothic Halloween Gift Wrap

I don't know about you, but I love a beautifully wrapped gift! I think that gorgeous gift wrap really shows how deeply you care for someone and creates a level of awe that might be even better than opening the actual gift! I am definitely not the best wrapper around, but I love picking out lovely gift wrap for my loved ones and friends around the holidays.

For those Halloween lovers or goths out there, I always go back to the stunning gift wrapping paper of Gift Shrouds, which has the best gothic prints around! They are a small independent company, and seriously make some amazing gift wrap! I featured them a few years ago for Creepmas, but since then they have expanded their selection. Here are a few of my favorites from their new designs:

 Black Cats on a field of Halloween orange, these cats are 
sure to bring some luck to your occasion...

 Gift Shrouds' extreme Gothic Pirate Santa!
Stripey Candy Canes, Bat, Spider, black holly,
and skulls...this has it all.

 Extreme Gothic Pirate Santa in black and white!

 Killer Wreaths ready to wreck the halls! Lovely bow claws, 
and interspersed with skull and serpent bells for Xmas!

 Killer Wreaths gift wrap in green.

 Gift Shrouds' stylized Scorpio/Scorpion mascot, Mister Pinchy! 
Available on multiple colors. Add some sting to your gifts!

 Black and monochromatic pentacles on red 
wrapping paper (also available in purple and green).

Green gift wrap covered in rows of radioactive and 
biohazard images and labels.

 Ravens and black feathers surround gothic text that
 features key phrases from the Raven by Poe.

 Black and White Stripey Snakes slither across a field of 
Victorian and historic Victorian gothic flourishes.

Highly-detailed victorian wallpaper-style, hiding bats, ravens, 
skulls, black roses, calla lillies, devil tales, eyes and more...

You can find these designs and many more on their website!

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