Monday, December 8, 2014

13 Days of Creepmas: Witch City Wicks' Holiday Candles

Witch City Wicks is an independently owned candle company based out of Salem, Massachusetts. They make high-quality, 100% soy candles in a variety of scents and for every season, but I find their Halloween and Christmas scents to be the most intriguing!

These candles make the most wonderful gift - they are unique, priced appropriately, and are sure to delight any recipient, from a work colleague to your closest friend! They would make a delightful Secret Santa or host/hostess gift at holiday parties as well!

Since it is the holiday season, I'll be focusing on their more wintery/Christmas-y scents, but I highly encourage you to check out their lovely Halloween collection as well! Their holiday scents feature some creepiness, though, so they have us creeps covered for both holidays!

Here are some of their holiday selections (I just wish the screen was scratch and sniff so we could smell them through the computer!):

Krampus - The Krampus candle takes cues from the 
Alpine region, smelling of wet snow, frozen air, menthol, 
woodland moss, spearmint leaves, winter anise 
and frosted vanilla.

 Christmas Hearth - A super cozy candle that smells of 
orange spice, fir and pine with a touch earthy 
smokiness from the fireplace. 

 Black ChristmasA limited edition holiday candle! 
Bayberries and cranberries with freshly crushed 
cinnamon bark and hints of orange zests.

 Amaretto Egg NogThis creamy eggnog is a holiday
 warmer of sweet almond and vanilla. 

Christmas MourningChristmas Mourning has the scent of
mistletoe - pine needles, sweet berries and green apples. 
The black and gold label design is inspired by the imagery
 found Victorian funeral cabinet cards.

 Pumpkin PieA delicious mixture of pumpkin, cinnamon,
 clove and ginger and a touch of vanilla whipped cream.


  1. I think Black Christmas & the Amaretto EggNog would be my favorites! For some reason any sort of pine scent comes off too strong for me and gives me a headache. Which is a bummer, since I'd rather smell pine instead of the nasty musty old box scent my tree is currently giving off!

  2. You know, I still don't know where this place is located in town but I keep seeing their candles everywhere.

    1. Ah so jealous you live in Salem!!! I don't think they have a storefront, but I could be wrong! Let us know if you find it!

  3. These look so cool! I love how professional their packaging looks too (part of my RL job is as a professional candle buyer!)

    1. Professional candle buyer sounds like the best job ever!


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