Friday, December 11, 2015

10 Creepy Calendars for 2016

Maybe it's my nerdy side, but towards the end of every year I enthusiastically look forward to picking out my calendars for the next year. I generally buy one for work, then another two for my home. I used to diligently record birthdays, anniversaries, events, holidays, concerts and so on in my calendars, but now that my phone handles all that I generally use them as a point of reference and wall decorations. While wall calendars aren't altogether necessary anymore, I still like having them around, especially since there are so many different options for them out there!

I've been keeping an eye out for cool, creepy calendars that fit my personality, and this year there are so many options in keeping with the gothic aesthetic I so love!

Check out my picks for the 10 creepy calendars for 2016 below:

Edward Gorey 2016 Calendar on Amazon

The Haunted Realm 2016 Calendar on Amazon

Moon Phases 2016 Calendar by Rendij on Etsy

Cult Attack 2016 Calendar on Amazon

Gothic Art 2016 Calendar on Amazon

The Nightmare Before Christmas 2016 Calendar on Amazon

A Knock at the Door 2016 Calendar on Amazon

Sugar Skull 2016 Calendar by Feather and Indigo on Etsy

Crimson Peak 2016 Calendar on Amazon

The Art of Magic 2016 Wall Calendar on Amazon


  1. These are beautiful - I love a good paper calendar for its ease of use.

  2. Thank you for posting these! I've been searching for a 2016 calendar and haven't been too happy with the limited choices. These are great!


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