Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Review: The Occult Activity Book

The recent boom in adult coloring books (yes, I'm a fan!) has given rise to some intriguing books for those of us that aren't necessarily going to be interested in coloring flowers or pastoral scenes. There are coloring books for Halloween, classic horror, goths, and other creepy categories, but I have to say that the newly released Occult Activity Book trumps them all! It features not only fantastical drawings of macabre magics, historical figures, arcane rituals, and so forth, but also witchy word games. This is the perfect adult coloring book for those with darker tastes!

Mister Havoc contemplates The Occult Activity Book

When I received a review copy of the book I couldn't wait to descent into its depths. A myriad of talents went into making it, which made me even more eager to dive in. The book is the brainchild of S. Elizabeth, the lovely scribe of Unquiet Things (one of my favorite blogs) and Becky Munich, designer. Contributors include writer/artist Tenebrous Kate (I've adored her blog Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire for quite some time!), artist Carisa Swenson of Goblin Fruit Studio, writer Jack W. Shear, artist Dana Glover, prolific writer Heather Drain, designer Laurel Barickman and artist EC Steiner of Casket Glass Studio.

A little peek into the pages of The Occult Activity Book

The 24 pages of the book are populated with high quality artwork from the artists mentioned above, from a page on Eleanor Cobham, who was tried and imprisoned for necromany in 1441 and dubbed "The Royal Witch", to Suzy from Dario Argento's Suspiria film, to an Elizabeth Bathory paper doll section, and so forth. The book also features phantasmagorical fun with occult word scrambles, a devil of a crossword puzzle, Mad Libs incantations, spot the dreadful difference games, and a few more eerie activities.

The Occult Activity Book is a wonderfully weird activity book for the stange and unusual, where you can "find your happy place on the dark side"!

The Occult Activity Book is available via Munich Art Studio for $6, or there is a Deluxe Edition with a few extra ghoulish goodies (two amazing art prints and a sinister sticker) for $10!

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