Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spooky Valentine's Day Cards

Wednesday Addams want you to be her 
Spooky Valentine!

After posting about 26 horror movies you should watch this Valentine's Day, I started reminiscing about the Valentine's Day cards I posted a few years ago (horror-themed cards, zombie-themed cards, and even pizza-themed cards!). I knew there had to be new ones out there since my posts, along with a few old ones I previously missed, so for your pleasure below you'll find a roundup of even more spooky V-Day cards you can woo your dark Valentine with!

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of original sources for these, since most are from Pinterest, Google, or vintage designs, but if you happen to know the artist/creator please let me know so I can credit them!

Spooky Valentines for Your Fave Ghoul or Boil:

Batty for your love:

One of my favorite vintage Valentine's Day 
cards! Love the ghostly girl and baby
bat perched on her head!


This bat is awfully smug about being batty 4 you.

Love as light as the flutter of bats' wings! 

I love hanging out with you!

The rad James A. Roberson aka JARHUMOR has sensational prints called "Show Them You SCARE" and "Weird Love" that feature colorful horror- and sci-fi-themed Valentine's Day cards, plus he offers them as free PDFs so you can print for your extra special someone. Check out a few below:

Killer Klowns in love! a chainsaw cutting through flesh, amiright?!

Jason is just chasing after you for hugs and kisses, promise!

You've invaded my heart! 

Sharknado, ya'll. 


Critters just want to nom on you a bit!

Surprise your boo-tiful Valentine with these cards:

 Too adora-"boo"-le!

 Scare the pants off your Valentine!

I'll haunt you if you don't love me!

Show your a-"bound"-ing love with these mummy cards:

 All wrapped up in you!

My love for you will never die.

Meow your Valentine with these creepy cat cards:

Nothing says "I love you" like a winking black cat! 

Love means forever, especially true when you or your significant other turns into a zombie or ghoul:

 Chewing you is easy when you're palatable!

I love you like I dig my graves - deep. 

Sorry valentine, I just love your spicy brains!

BGF - Best Ghouls Forever!

Bewitching Valentines:

 Brewing up some love potion.

Your love makes me soar...just like my trusty broom! 

That's cuz I put a spell on you.

Various monsters, horror characters, etc.:

Or Frankenstein's Monster might just 
have heartburn.

Be my Bride! 

Even Godzilla wants love.

Horror villains want your heart. 

Monstrous love. 

Gimme your hand, Valentine.

 No bones about it!

 Even beyond the grave, 
you're the one for me!

 Love that this pretty lady looks like Wednesday Addams all
grown up and has a killer manicure!

My heart beats only for you! 

Vincent Price wishes you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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