Thursday, May 30, 2019

Spooky Summer Goth Essentials to Survive the Sun

With Memorial Day behind us, I can't believe summer is almost here! I'm already in shock of how long the days are stretching and I am already dreading the warmer temperatures. Summer is the last season before the glorious return of fall, and all we need to do is survive summer to get to the best season, autumn! And of course, summer can be fun if take the time to stock up on some necessities that make it so much more pleasant for us darklings...

I have to say that summer is usually a struggle for me (and many other fellow fiends who wear black year-round), so in preparation I've rounded up some spooky summer goth essentials to help me and my fellow spookies survive the summer. Below I'm sharing clothes, accessories, pool floats, parasols, swimsuits, makeup, sandals, and more with a spooky twist to make summertime more bearable.

Supreme Parasol - More people should carry parasols during the summer, not only are they so dramatically elegant, but they keep you so much cooler and prevent sunburns. I love the pagoda shape of this Supreme Parasol from Foxblood.

Sourpuss 6 Feet Under One Piece Swimsuit - Rest peacefully this summer in this killer one-piece swimsuit adorned with coffins. This is so creepy-cute!

Vampira Coffin Beach Towel - Lounge at the beach or pool with ghoulish glamour babe Vampira on this coffin-shaped towel.

Demonia Deviant Studded Platforms - I love the minimalist look of these platform sandals, especially since I love keeping it low-key and non-fussy during summer. You can wear these with a swimsuit, shorts, a dress or skirt, capris, or pants and keep those tootsies cool. These particular Demonia sandals are made with all man-made, vegan materials, too!

Large Brimmed Sun Hat - You can't survive summer without a large floppy sunhat, you just can't! This one will keep you cooler wherever your summer adventures take you.

Mesh Rhiannon Flowing Oversized Tunic Top - I love this airy mesh top that can be used as a swimsuit cover up or layered over a tank top or tee. You can dress it up or dress it down, and this versatility, plus the added ventilation the mesh fabric provides, makes it easy-breezy for summer.

The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Lipstick in Drama Queen - You gotta have a fierce lip color for summer, and this vegan/cruelty-free one called "Drama Queen" is a dreamy, purple-y shade that just screams summer to me!

Wireless Skull Speaker - This portable skull speaker looks perfect for your next pool/beach/lake/river or backyard hang-out! And the battery makes sure that it will last up to 10 hours on a charge and it is small enough to take with you pretty much anywhere.

Dark Heart High Low Dress - One absolute essential to surviving summer as a goth is a light, flowy dress that still matches your dark aesthetic, and this one from Foxblood is exactly it! It is not only soft and drapes beautifully, but it has handy cut-outs on the waist to allow for maximum air flow.

Zuzu Luxe Raven Liquid Eyeliner - My favorite eyeliner, hands down! Stays put all day (and night) long, even in warmer weather. Plus it is all vegan and cruelty-free! I've tried so many eyeliners, and this one is still the best in my opinion.

Purple Death Tarot Tank Top - I love the dark purple plum color of this cozy tank top, because sometimes you might want a pop of color! This would look so creepy-cute over some shorts (like the ones below!).

Black Distressed Shorts - Adore the distressed look of these black denim shorts. I'm really not a shorts-type of person, but I recently bought my first pair of shorts in forever for some summer festivals and hiking. These will keep you cooler on the hottest of summer days.

Demonia Emily Double Bat Buckle Sandals - Eeeeek how boo-tiful are these batty vegan sandals by Demonia?! I absolutely adore them and would wear them for a cemetery picnic or a day spent among the stacks at the library or book store.

Dead Sea Burke and Hare Candle - This vegan candle made from soy wax evokes the scent of stormy seas with salt water, a twist of lime, creeping moss and mysterious vetiver over a base of wet sand and patchouli. It is the perfect fresh scent for the warm days of summer.

Black Beach / Pool Cover Up - I am obsessed with lacy black swimsuit cover ups! Besides wearing them over swimsuits, I also love wearing them over regular outfits since they provide a bit of extra coverage and witchy style while still being airy enough to keep you cool.

Under the Stars One Piece - I am over the moon for this celestial one-piece swimsuit by Killstar. Isn't it heavenly?!

Elvira Mistress of The Dark Coffin Beach Towel - Take the Mistress of the Dark with you to the beach or pool and show them that spooky ghouls and boils do it better!

Pacifica's Stellar Gaze Length + Strength Mascara Supernova - I love Pacifica's mascaras, and this one stays put even on the most sweltering of summer days. This one isn't waterproof (so don't wear it in the pool), but for a dark, everyday mascara it is truly wondrous!

Lace Folding Fan - I always carry a fan tucked inside my purse wherever I go, since I am perpetually hot in Southern California. In summer months a lacy, black fan is perfect for keeping yourself cool and I also like to think that it adds a bit of mystique to your darkling image!

Tropigoth All Over Pattern Tank Top - I can get down with tropigoth style and I am loving this tropical skull print tank by Black Mast. They also have this print available on towels, bikinis, shorts, and more!

Iza Lace Mini Skirt - Swoon, how gorgeous is this ethereal skirt? It is made with faux leather and lace, and looks like the perfect romantic skirt for long walks on the beach under the moon. Pair it with a simple tank top and some sandals, and this would make one adorable outfit. Plus, you can wear it again in fall/winter by pairing it with tights, boots, and a light sweater!

Scorpion Pool Float - In past years I've shared pool floaties shaped like coffins, planchettes, and more, but how wicked cool is this scorpion pool float?!

Strange and Unusual Floppy Sun Hat - If you want sun protection but want something a little bit more than your standard black floppy hat, snag this "Strange and Unusual" hat to stand out from the crowd!

One Piece Triangle Swimsuit - This one-piece swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous and I love the cut-outs on the side and how the fabric is gathered at the bust.

Sea Witch Tote Bag - Let your inner sea witch loose on the beach with this purple tentacled tote by Odd Like Us.

HydroFlask - Stay hydrated to stay healthy! Water is so important and we rarely get enough of it. In order to drink more water, I take my HydroFlask with me everywhere, especially in summer. I love my water ice cold, and my HydroFlask keeps it cold for a whole day (seriously!). I can also leave it in the car for a few hours and it still stays cold (even on sweltering summer days).

The Death Deck Card Game - If you go on a long car or plane trip this summer, take this Death Deck with you to amuse yourself and your travel companions! This card game encourages people to discuss death and learn more about what loved ones want when the are gone, and it is a surefire conversation starter.

Trixie Sunglasses - One of the most important accessories of summer (or really any season when the sun shines) - sunglasses! These oversized Trixie sunglasses from Foxblood are stunning!

Black is My Happy Color Tank Top - Yes, I wear black even in summer, even when it is over 100 degrees. Black is my happy color! This tee might just stop your friends from asking for the one-millionth time, "are you really wearing black when it's this hot out?"

Black Lace Shorts - The scalloped lace detail on these shorts makes all the difference. If you are a romantic goth, but still want to stay cool this summer, I think these are a great choice. I imagine wearing these while lounging around an old cemetery reading Baudelaire poems.

Black Meditation Sandals - How comfy do these black meditation sandals look?! I love how they are dressier than plain old flip flops, but also look really comfortable yet still stylish.

Andalou Skin Primer BB Benefit Balm with SPF 30 - I love this untinted BB primer by Andalou Naturals for summer because it gives my usually shiny skin a clean, matte look and keeps my makeup in place all day long, even when it is hot outside and I'm sweaty! I also love that it contains SPF to protect my skin. They have a few different kinds for various skin types, but this one is the one I use in summertime and it keeps everything locked down without feeling greasy or heavy.

Skeleton Flamingo Yard Ornaments - Don't forget about your yard / porch! Show your spookiness with these skeleton flamingos for some creepy kitsch!

What are your essentials to surviving the summer as a goth? I'm wishing you a summer filled with black lemonade, cool breezes, spooky summer tunes, twilight cemetery strolls, creepy-cute swimsuits, beach bonfires, melon-o-lantern carving parties, and lots of summer-themed horror movies!

If you are looking for more eerie items that will help make your summer far more enjoyable, you can check out my lists from past years (2018, 20172016, 2015) as well as my spooky summer series that features tips and articles on dreadful delights for summer!

Wishing you the spookiest of summers, fellow fiends!

Stay spooky!

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