Thursday, April 2, 2015

Summer Beach Goth Essentials

Who knew Vampira was a beach goth?

With warmer temps heating up SoCal and spring breakers descending on our beaches, it already feels like summer is here! As you probably know since I've complained about it so much, I'm not the biggest fan of the sun, summer, or the heat. This year, however, I'm kinda looking forward to the summer season (though probably only because it will put me closer to Halloween).

In fact, I've been so stoked that I kinda started planning beach trips and browsing for the perfect gothic beach accessories. I've found some ghoulishly great goth items for this summer, so now I guess I don't have an excuse for not hitting up the beach!

Here are my picks for Summer Beach Goth Essentials:

Bats In The Belfry Beach Towel - It really doesn't get much better than this batty beach towel by Sourpuss! As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to have it! Now I can languish, errrrr, I mean lounge, at the beach in style.

Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit - You'll need a swimsuit to wear to the beach, and I'm quite fond of this retro beauty I found on ModCloth! From the reviews, it sounds really flattering for nearly all body shapes and I simply adore the 1940s/50s cut of this suit!

Lace Detail Kimono Dress Cover Up - This gorgeous lacy cover-up from Target comes in a variety of colors, but let's be honest, black is best! Plus, it is a steal at less than $20! Layer it over your swimsuit or wear it over a black tank and shorts.

Dahlia Deranged Tentacle Pearl Sunglasses - Stay spooky with these stunning sunglasses, which are UV400 protected, keeping your peepers safe from the sun as well as keeping you looking fabulous! I love the purple shades, and the tentacle detailing is exquisite!

Skull Speaker Set - Cuz what's a beach day without some terrifying tunes to scare away the tourists? These macabre music speakers will help you pump out the jams through your phone, iPod, etc. Time to blast some beach goth tunes!

Sourpuss Spooksville Bats Travel Bag - This gothic tote is perfect for all your beach necessities - towel, swimsuit, snacks, Gothic Beauty magazine, SPF 100+, parasol, and more! It would also be great for weekend getaways. Who can resist anything with bats on it? I know I can't!

Alba Botanica Very Emollient SPF 45 Lavender Sunscreen - Of course I can't forget the sunscreen to preserve my pale skin, and Alba Botanica's SPF 45 Lavender Sunscreen is my favorite vegan and cruelty-free sunblock! It absorbs quickly, gives me maximum protection, and leaves me smelling delightful.

Big Black Sun Hat - Get inspired by goth fashion icon Lydia Deetz and rock a big black hat. Not only are big black hats chic, they also help protect from sunburn, preserve your hair's (unnatural) color, and keep your coif from becoming a messy rat's nest on windy days. Added bonus is that a hat this big can help block out other pesky beach-goers.

Bat Parasol - If you don't feel like wearing a hat, you can always use an eerily adorable parasol like this one! This is perfect for creating your own little shady spot on your beach towel, or using it as a sunshade when strolling down the boardwalk. Again, I'm a sucker for anything with bats!

blk. Spring Water - You have to stay hydrated in the icky heat, so why not do it goth style with this black water? Yes, the water is actually black due to the fulvic minerals in it, but it actually tastes quite refreshing and is packed with electrolytes and good-for-you minerals. You can find it on Amazon via the link above, but it is also sold at Whole Foods and BevMo stores.

Those are my summer beach goth essentials, what are yours?

Look out! Here comes summer!


  1. I have the blanket version of Bats in the Belfry. It's my survival blanket since I left a desert climate to a very soggy, cold one. I should pick up the towel for my gym bag :P

  2. Now I have to go buy everything here. Dude. I've been looking at just black parasols... Who knew I could go more goth?


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