Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food Review: Dissection of the Fatally Yours Chocolate Box

Fiends, I finally did it! After years of pining for Vegan Treats' "gore"-geous Fatally Yours Chocolate Box, I finally succumbed to its siren call and ordered a box for myself! Rarely do I do something so extravagant, but I just can't stand another Valentine's Day without it. Plus, this box couldn't be any more perfect for me! It's delightfully spooky, vegan, and I actually used to run a horror site called Fatally Yours (you can check out the archive here) and "Fatally Yours" was my writing moniker for many years! So I could actually say this chocolate box literally has my name written on it, nyuck, nyuck!

I wrote about the box last month, but I wanted to provide a review aka detailed dissection of it for you, dear readers. That way you can see its bones and what you get with this luxurious Valentine's Day chocolate box.

The chocolate treats are all opulent, high-quality, and vegan, made by hand by the lovely folks at Vegan Treats. Vegan Treats makes a mind-boggling assortment of other vegan goodies as well, and they also carry other Valentine's Day boxes that are a bit more tame (but no less delicious) than this one. If you are anywhere near Pennsylvania, they have a storefront where they sell all their goodies (and vegan soft serve and more!) in Bethlehem. It is definitely high on my list of vegan eateries to visit! I believe this box is the first product of theirs I have ever tried, and I can't wait to try more (their cannolis are calling my name!).

I ordered my box when they were first released back in January, and my Fatally Yours chocolate box finally arrived over the weekend! I had been stalking the USPS tracking system since the package shipped, as it has been really warm here in SoCal (ugh, what else is new), and was paranoid that my chocolates would arrive all melted. I pounced on the mailman as soon as he arrived, grabbed my Vegan Treats box, and scurried back into the shadowy confines of my home. I ripped open the box and practically squealed as I beheld the beauty of the Fatally Yours box! Luckily, no melting mishaps occurred, though one of the bones arrived broken, but no big deal. I'm just glad everything stayed solid and didn't liquefy in the California sun.

The box also came with a handy diagram of all the specimens included (see below), as well as a Fatally Yours sticker (shown above). Everything was absolutely beautiful and the smell of the chocolates was heavenly! I was going to wait until Valentine's Day to start eating the candy, but my self-control only lasted about one day and Sunday night I started enjoying these delectable chocolates.

I'll dissect the box below and tell you what terrifyingly tasty treats it contained:

  • Belgian Speculoos-filled Swiss Chocolate Skull (pictured above, it's also dusted with gold to make it even fancier!)
  • Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Torso (that white rib cage you see next to the box in the pictures at the beginning and end of this post)
  • White Chocolate Mummies in Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Sarcophagi (pictured above, also dusted with gold around the sarcophagus edges)
  • Coconut Candy-filled Abysmally Dark Heart
  • Peanut Butter Cup Skull
  • Hazelnut Praline Tiramisu Encased in Swiss Chocolate (pictured above, the one that looks like fireworks)
  • Blood-red Velvet Candy Filling Finished in White Chocolate (pictured above, the one with the hearts)
  • Solid White Chocolate Skeletal Hands
  • Malt-filled Constellations
  • Anatomically Correct Hearts-filled with Handmade Caramel (pictured above, dusted with gold)
  • Passion-less Fruit and Tahitian Vanilla Bean-filled Swiss Chocolate with a White Chocolate X
  • Solid White Chocolate Humerus Bone

All of the chocolates I have tried so far have been super-rich and indulgent! I seriously felt like royalty eating these chocolates, and I only needed one or two to feel completely satisfied! The chocolates are melt-in-your-mouth creamy, superbly flavored, and just gorgeous (almost too pretty too eat, but not quite!)! I haven't tried all of them yet, but I feel like my favorites will be the two skulls - one filled with peanut butter and the other speculoos!

The Fatally Yours Chocolate Box is definitely a splurge at around $90, but it makes quite the sumptuous Valentine's Day gift for yourself or your spooky sweetie! Vegan Treats starts filling orders of this limited edition box in January, and it ships early February so that it gets to you or your ghoul/boil by Valentine's Day! This item always sells out (it is all sold out for this year), so order early next year!

I'm positive that this is the only chocolate box to ever thrill my dark heart and is a perfect gift for those with similar black hearts. I can't wait to spend Valentine's Day with my Fatally Yours Chocolate Box (if it lasts that long!)! Thank you Vegan Treats for making such a gorgeously gothic Valentine's Day chocolate box!

UPDATE: Take a peek at 2016's Fatally Yours box!


  1. lucky you! i have been lusting after the box for years but i am not a big sweets person. my boyfriend did order me vegan treats stuff last year for easter, some of it was rather good, some not so good but who could pass up vegan candy right?

    1. I couldn't stand another year without this chocolate box, so I had to spoil myself! I am always drooling over Vegan Treats' posts, so I really want to try more of their goodies! :)

  2. So glad you got this! I wanted it too but decided on the more affordable Vegan Cuts Chocolate Lovers box instead. (which I discovered through you- so thanks!) Your review makes me feel like I get to enjoy this box as well :)

    1. Yay! And OMG, and that Vegan Cuts Chocolate Lovers box looked soooooo good! Enjoy!

  3. They do look too pretty to eat! That tiramisu one made me start to drool!

  4. I'm reading back through your blog, and am curious to know what you did with the empty box once you'd eaten all the candy. It looks sturdy enough to save and use for something else, right?

    1. Yes! I saved mine to store keepsakes, notes, etc. in! It was too beautiful to just throw away! :)

  5. So wait you can only get them once a yea great my girlfriend has been bugging me for two months know about this yall need to make this all year round


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