Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pizza is My Valentine

Pizza is My Valentine by Bare Wolfe

Valentine's Day has always left me feeling meh, and I usually don't do much to celebrate (well, except maybe for splurging on the Fatally Yours chocolate box and watching Valentine's Day horror movies). However, since Friday the 13th coincided with Valentine's this year, I was inspired to do a little something special. Last night, I whipped up some killer Valentine's Day pizzas! Check out "The Heartbreaker" and "The Lover" below, plus some perfect pizza-themed Valentine's Day cards!

"The Heartbreaker" Vegan Garlic, Herb and Onion Pizza

The first one I made was a vegan garlic, herb and onion pizza that I've nicknamed "The Heartbreaker" (I adapted it from this recipe). For the crust, I used Trader Joe's Herb and Garlic pizza dough (FYI - all their pizza dough is vegan and is my go-to dough). The creamy white garlic sauce is made with cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast, and lemon juice, plus a sprinkle of salt. The topping of fresh herbs includes parsley, basil and oregano, Lastly, I topped the pizza with caramelized onions.

A Pizza My Heart Belongs to You!

The dough is pre-baked on its own before toppings are added, so once it was done baking I let it cool for a few minutes, then cut it down the middle to make the broken heart! I used a regular knife and cut in a zig-zag pattern to "break" the heart. Once "broken", I topped each side of the heart with the creamy cashew cream-based garlic sauce, the freshly chopped herbs and the caramelized onions. I added some red tomato sauce down the heart's "crack" for some extra oomph! The original recipe called for red pepper flakes and vegan Parmesan, but I actually forgot to add them, oops!

"I love you more than pizza" (is this actually possible?!?) 
by ktcrawford [image source]

I think the pizza came out looking awesome, and it tasted frickin' incredible! The garlic sauce alone I could eat with a spoon! And the fresh herbs give it a really bright kick while the onions gave it a savory flavor, mmmmmm. Beware, though, like the name states, this pizza is a real heartbreaker - because after eating this no one will want to near you and your garlicky, onion breath, hahaha!

"The Lover" Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

The second one I made was a traditional vegan pepperoni and Daiya cheese pizza that I've named "The Lover". Again, I used Trader Joe's pizza dough, just the plain kind. I also used their pizza sauce, then topped with Daiya vegan mozzarella, and the finishing touch was Lightlife's Smart Deli vegan pepperoni slices, which I cut into cute little hearts. I just used some scissors to cut the pepperoni slices into heart shapes, it was amazingly easy!

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart by BettyTurbo

For both pizzas I hand-formed the dough into heart shapes. I was going to buy a heart-shaped pan, but I figured I would save some dough (haha) and just shape the dough myself. I think they came out pretty good, and it wasn't too difficult!

You've Stolen a Pizza My Heart by Choopl Handmade

After cooking up these delicious pies, I settled in and watched some good ol' Friday the 13th to celebrate the day! In case you are interested, I watched parts V and VI. Today, I'm enjoying pizza leftovers and will be watching My Bloody Valentine and other horror movies that take on the holiday or twisted love!

Will you be My Bloody Valentine?

Whatever you are doing to celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, or regular ol' Saturday the 14th! If you want to share, let me know what you are doing today and what your favorite horror movies are to watch on Valentine's Day!

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