Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th VDay card by JARHUMOR - image source

Happy Friday the 13th! 

And how serendipitous that this Friday the 13th falls right before the most dreaded of all holidays...Valentine's Day! I was never a big fan of VDay, and love to inject some horror into the saccharine holiday anyway (see previous VDay posts on horror-themed and zombie-themed Valentine's Day cards), so I'm celebrating Friday the 13th/Valentine's Day tonight with some vegan pizza (I've got a killer pizza recipe I want to try out) and horror movies (Question: ummmm, how is that different from most nights? Answer: It's not!).

I'm making a garlic pizza that I want to name something appropriately anti-VDay, like man-killer pizza or heartbreaker pizza, since no one is gonna want to be around me after I inhale its garlicky deliciousness! Then I'll select a nice stack of horror flicks to watch. I may go the classic route and throw on some Friday the 13th movies (the originals, thank you very much!). I do love me some Part IV with Crispin Glover's wacky (sexy?) dancing! Towards the end of the night I'll probably throw on something Valentine's Day-themed, like My Bloody Valentine, or a film with a creepy love story, like Love Object

What are your plans for tonight? Will you incorporate some Valentine's Day junk with your Friday the 13th or keep the celebrations separate?

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