Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Sweet 666th Post: Death Artwork, Death Zines and the Upcoming Death Salon

This is my six-hundred sixty-sixth post, which I wanted to recognize it by, what else, talking about death! I've got some cool things to share, like rad death-inspired artwork, an awesome cemetery zine, and the epic Death Salon coming up! Check 'em all out below!

"Bad Vibes" pin set and "Hang in There" print by
Matt Darling

If you don't know the name Matt Darling, you should! He is one of my favorite new artists and I've been drooling over his work over on Instagram. Who can resist anxiety ghosts, scaredy cats, and old hags? Not me! I finally made my first purchases of his work - I bought his delightfully downbeat "Bad Vibes" pin set (spooks, black cats, skeletons skulk around gravestones etched with phrases like "Naw Man", "Can't Win, Don't Try", "Here Lies Who Cares", and my personal favorite "Whatevs 4-evs") as well as a "Hang in There" print. So pleased with everything! You can check out his artwork for sale on!

Cemetery Gates zine, plus a mini Graveyard Girl Guide
booklet and Taphophile pin from MissMuffCake!

This week I also received a zine from someone I've followed and admired for a long time, MissMuffCake! She writes her own rad blog, makes a bunch of cool zines, has awesome taste in vegan food, rocks some killer style, has a huge heart and takes care of feral cats, and shares her lovely cemetery adventures on Instagram! The Cemetery Gates zine is filled with cemetery pics, grief stories, memento mori, mourning essays and poems, and even an interview with The Order of the Good Death's member and "Ask a Mortician" host Caitlin Doughty! I even got a mini "Graveyard Girl Guide" booklet (filled with fun tips and tricks on what to bring on a cemetery adventure!) and an adorable "Taphophile" pin along with my zine! You can order your own zine from MissMuffCake's Etsy!

Lastly, I am soooooo looking forward to this Sunday, when I'll be attending a Death Salon at The Getty Villa in Los Angeles! What is a Death Salon? "In the spirit of the eighteenth-century salon – informal coffeehouse gatherings of intellectuals – Death Salon encourages conversations on mortality and mourning and their resonating effects on our culture and history. We hold conferences, public events, and encourage an online community to increase discussion on this taboo subject." It's hosted by The Order of the Good Death and I am so excited to hear all the speakers talk on different death subjects (Cemeteries! Etruscan funerary customs! Roman sarcophagi! Catacomb saints and more!) and to see the exhibits at The Getty Villa. I'll be sure to post a full report after the salon.

Huzzah! I feel like these items were the perfect commemoration of my 666th post...and thank you for reading and sticking around for all six-hundred sixty-six's to many more to come! 

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  1. love the art work! always looking for new - cool art for our house! i am also very inveious that you get to go to the death salon. if i did not have a fear of travel, could get a hellion-beast (cat) sitter and could scrounge up the money i would go. biigggg list there to X off!

    thank you for the kind words about me and the zine. i truly hope everyone that buys/reads the zine gets something out of it. it is more than just 'hey look it's cemetery photos' - i want people to take away feelings. when we grieve society tells us to hurry up, not to cry, i hate that!

    have fun on your journey!


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