Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween Leftovers - A Photo Post

Halloween may be over, but Hallowvember is in full swing and since we are still celebrating all things Halloween I wanted to share some photos from the Halloween season that I haven't had a chance to post previously.

Many of these were taken Halloween night, but there are a few stragglers from earlier in the month of October as well. Happy Hallowvember and enjoy photos from my Halloween celebrations!

Early in the season I got Havoc some jack-o-lantern toys, and here he is hugging 
one (though 5 minutes later he wanted nothing to do with his new toys).

I typically live on Trader Joe's Pumpkin Rolls from when the first hit stores 
until they vanish again, but this year I only bought two (what's wrong with me??). 
Here I enjoyed one with Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte 
(all vegan, of course). 

I did a fun Halloween swap box with Kendy from Miss Muffcake! She sent me 
so many thoughtful and unique gifts, plus her awesome zines Cemetery Gates and 
Stay at Home Girlfriend! Her zines are incredibly personal, powerful and beautiful. 
You can purchase them via her storefront on Etsy!

I bought the Garden Veggie Chips (shaped like ghosts and bats!) and Utz 
Halloween Pretzel Treats (shaped like bats and pumpkins!) from Target 
and seriously couldn't get enough! Vegan, delicious, and adorable!

My house, where it's Halloween year-round. 
I may do a separate post on all the decor.

In the middle of October I traveled up to  the Napa Valley in Northern California 
(my old stomping grounds) to attend my lil' sister's wedding. We made time to 
squeeze in a visit to the pumpkin patch and hang around some old bones. 

Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch in Napa, CA

Beautiful, beautiful pumpkins! I was disappointed that they had a petting 
zoo with poor pigs and sheep crammed into small cages and stupid little kids 
showing no respect for the animals and poking and prodding them. Ugh, the 
trend of petting zoos at pumpkin patches needs to STOP already.

Of course, it wasn't all pumpkin patches - I had to do some maid of honor duties, 
which included putting together some flower arrangements for the rehearsal 
dinner. I love the fall colors!

When I got back home it was back to making silly spooky Halloween food. 
I shared most dishes in past Halloween posts, but this pasta monster was too
 funny not to post! Made with pasta in Halloween shapes from World Market 
(yup, the pasta is vegan), tossed in some red marinara sauce and topped with
 Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs, with a sliced up tomato for a nose and olives 
for eyes. A rather handsome fellow, doncha think?!

Havoc is creepin' while you're sleepin'.

This was a good mail day - Kendy sent me another box of goodies (she likes 
to spoil me) and I got this awesome King Koala shirt and veg stickers
 from Herbivore Clothing!

Cuz pizza makes everything better! Sprouts was having a 50% off 
frozen pizza sale, so you can bet I stocked up on Daiya's Supreme Pizza and 
downed it with some pumpkin ale.

On Halloween Eve, I made these scrumptious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
(recipe) and added Dandies' Pumpkin Marshmallows for the most heavenly
cookie EVER! 

On Halloween Eve, someone made me leave the house (see how angry I get when I
have to leave the house? Total introvert here), so I just kinda-sorta did some 
dead-ish makeup. 

Here's another pic after I calmed down a bit and resigned myself to the fact 
that I was leaving the house, ha! RBF - Resting Boo Face!

And here's the very valid reason for leaving the house - wandering around LA
back alleys to find a hush-hush Dance with the Dead and Gost show! 
If you love John Carpenter's synth horror soundtracks, you will like the 
retrowave /futurewave stuff these guys are doing! 
Check 'em out - the links above go to their Bandcamp pages.

This was my Halloween mo(u)rning breakfast (I say mourning since the
 day of Halloween brings great joy, but also makes me sad since it'll all be over 
soon). I had my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies dunked in a stiff cup of strong
 coffee with some Almond Dream Pumpkin Spice added in! 
Cuz I'm an adult and I do what I want!

After my breakfast of champions, I started a marathon of Halloween-themed 
movies (I live-tweeted it on Twitter in case you want to see what I watched - 
lots of Halloweenie kid movies and classics!) with my pumpkin friends before I 
started carving them up!

This year I assumed my true form and was a bat for Halloween. One of my 
fave costumes ever because it was so comfy - it's made out of sweatshirt material 
and is so soft and warm! Luckily, the temps were cool enough that I could
 wearit all night! I am going to wear this costume year-round!
I got it on Amazon.

Our jack-o-lanterns set up in the living room area with Frankie our pet skeleton 
serenading them with some spooky songs played on the organ (yep, that's a 
real, old-skool church organ and it works! Mister Spooky plays it sometime). 

I look so little in the fluffy bat costume, haha! It's like I'm a little kid in this photo 
and I love it! So adorable if I do say so myself!

About to take off into the Halloween night...

Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween! 


  1. The WM pasta shapes are the best! We bought another bag marked down last week. Another store had spooky pasta but it had fish juice in it - ick.

    I did not try the pumpkin rolls, we are not really breakfast folk here. If they still have 'em I might get them and do a brinner with them.

    October is awesome!

  2. So fun! I would love to see your Halloween decor. I'm such a decor junkie. :)

  3. Your bat costume is adorable! Comfy is always a plus.
    Love Havoc - he's booootiful!


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