Friday, September 22, 2017

Organic and Vegan Halloween Candy at Target

Target's Organicals (lol) - Organic Halloween Candy

Last year Target had so many rad organic and vegan Halloween candy options, so I was looking forward what they had on shelves this year. So far, the selection is kinda limited, but I'm hoping they add more as the season progresses. At my local Target (Tustin, California location if you're interested) I've only seen the YumEarth and Black Earth Organic brands at Target that are both organic and vegan. Check out the different varieties they have below:

 I love these Organic Sour Heads from Black Forest Organic! They are $6.99 
for a big bag. These are both organic and vegan (not all of Black Forest
Organic's products are vegan, so always check the label!)!

 YumEarth Organic Pops are also available - they are vegan, organic, 
gluten-free, and come in a variety of flavors for $7.99. They have
adorable wrappers covered in bats and jack-o-lanterns (note: not
all of YumEarth's products are vegan, so make sure to check labels
before purchasing)!

YumEarth's Organic Gummy Bats and Jack-o-Lanterns come in yummy 
flavors, creepy-cute shapes, and are vegan, organic, and gluten-free!
You can get a big bag of individual packets for $7.99 (note: not
all of YumEarth's products are vegan, so make sure to check labels
before purchasing)!

 They also had Organic ZBars that are vegan and really tasty! They 
were $3.99 for a box.

These Annie's Organic Bunnies and Bats are vegan as well, and $4.99 a box.

This organic and vegan candy sells out so fast, if you see any be sure to stock up!

If you are interested in other vegan Halloween candy, check out my post from last year HERE! A lot of conventional Halloween candy is also accidentally vegan, just check the labels to make sure nothing contains dairy, gelatin, or other animal-derived products. My favorite "accidentally vegan" Halloween candies are Sour Patch Kids (aka Sour Patch Zombies for Halloween!).

Have you seen any other organic and vegan candy at Target?

Stay spooky!

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