Friday, September 8, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Target

OMG Target Halloween 2017 is on shelves and it is boo-tiful!

I saw IT last night (which I did enjoy, though I wished it had been scarier), and afterwards I had a feeling I should go check Target for Halloween goodies. I've already delighted in their Dollar Spot selections (check those out HERE!), but I was eagerly anticipating their full inventory of Halloween items (I shared my most anticipated items from their website a few months back HERE!) It was getting late and I should have gone home to bed, but I still decided to stop by Target before heading home, and OMG I am so glad I did because they had JUST put out their Halloween things and the aisles were immaculate! I took my time browsing and savoring the emptiness of the Halloween aisles - Target has some incredible Halloween stuff this year!

Check out what they had just stocked on shelves below:

 Plastic pumpkin pails - when I saw these near the front I squealed internally
since I knew this meant they had begun stocking Halloween stuff!

 This is what heaven looks like!!

 Ouija serving tray - this was such high-quality, heavy, and huge!

 These serving trays were so cool!

 Skull plates

 Drink dispenser and fancy gold and black beverage bucket

 Universal monster costumes!! Werewolf, Frankenstein's Monster, Bride of
Frankenstein, and Creature from the Black Lagoon! Only kids' sizes though.

 Party games!

 More cool Frankenstein merch!

 Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster decor from Monsterville

 These cloches lit up and had sound - they were really neat!

 Monster screamers!

 Bickering busts


 I love these adorable little ghouls - so glad they brought them back this year, 
they exude pure Halloween happiness!

 They had Dia de los Muertos decor as well

 How happy are those jack-o-lanterns?!

 Sippy cups

 Black cat candle holders

 Witchy things

 Gourd-geous pumpkins and that Boo sign!

 More adorable characters!

Bat candle holders 

Faux books

 They also had Halloween pajamas! The grey one has skeletons on it, 
the black one has ghosts and pumpkins.

 Pet stuff! Haunted house cat scratcher and "I don't do Halloween" pet bed

Halloween pet toys 

Halloween cards!

And here is what came home with me:

Had to get the Ouija board and the neon ghost and bat signs while I could!
Also got some window clings, tablecloths, spooky sign, kitchen towels, black 
cat and jack-o-lantern baskets! 

The Ouija board serving tray is amazing! It is so big, really heavy, and just

 I love everything batty, and couldn't pass up this bat candle holder! I had my
eye on it since it was posted on Target's website, and I'm glad I got my
claws on one!

Other must-haves this year were the neon ghost and bat signs! They are so 
bright and amazing in-person! 

Oddly, my Target didn't have out any candy or baking supplies (like the Halloween Pyrex) which is usually one of the first things out. I have so much Halloween Pyrex, but there is always room for more, so I'm hoping I can score some on my next trip to Target.

Have you scored any Halloween goodies at your Target yet? What have been your fave finds so far?

Stay spooky!


  1. jio ajeoiqpjasio asjio a~ I'm so excitd I can't type! I pre-ordered 3 of the skull fabric tablecloths and got those about 2 weeks ago (LOVE) and got the two jammies last weekend...but they hadn't stocked our stores as of this week yet. Hoping they are ready to go by this weekend so I can go grab a neon bat as well (so cute!)
    Thanks for the great post with all the photos...I just drooled all over my keyboard.

  2. *cries* My stores are stragglers.

  3. Looks like I need to make it over the Halloween section of Target soon. I looked at their dollar bins last weekend I purchased some awesome pumpkins in orange, green, and white. The are very real looking. Love em!

  4. Well, I'm going to Target tomorrow. I love little monsters that scream, and they usually sell out pretty fast! Gotta try on some Halloween pajamas, too.

  5. Yes. Target DOES have some of THE best Halloween stuff!!

  6. I'm wondering if the neon bat flickers, and if so do you find it annoying? I keep picking it up and putting it down. But I think I need it! 😂

    1. It has two settings - one where it is steady on (no flickering) and the other where it does flicker. I always leave it on the "steady on" setting as I do find the flickering annoying! The flickering would look cool in a window, though.


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